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  1. [CHORUS] Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-C ENGLISH! (Completed!)

    #195982012-03-24 15:56:16 *Shirosuke said:

    OMG Such a great nice project ;w;

    Thanks so so so much to @N1xx, @Momimochi, and all the singers <3 <3

    It looks amazing, and I am so sorry I wasn't able to help out!!

  2. #196222012-03-24 17:42:30momo said:


    Easier for most people to sing, thus a higher chance of people joining it. The English version, just like many of ChristyVee's covers, isn't half bad.

  3. #197092012-03-25 14:47:45 *Zetta said:

    i was like. OH YEAH HYADAIN IM SO SINGING IT. then i was like. oh english....meh

    EDIT: because it wasnt clear befoer let me say it in a way everybody can understand.


  4. #197132012-03-25 16:53:54Shirosuke said:

    we'll need one more guy for an even number then I'll tell you guys how to divide the recordings... since I don't think singing it in one go would be easy to edit XD

  5. #197172012-03-25 17:29:03Momimochi said:

    ....... The harmonies. The guys has a shitload of harmonies. I tried to figure them out. But orz I don't think I've got the right notes.