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[CHORUS] Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-C ENGLISH! (Completed!)

  1. #271892012-05-26 00:13:25n1xx said:

    @MrTrain We have both been communicating by private message, concerning the progress of the chorus. A few days ago, @Momimochi mentioned progressing through the mixing, at a steady pace.

    The audio will surely be posted in this thread, in the meantime the video gets finalized.

    I thank you all for your patience. <3

  2. #271952012-05-26 02:01:29Momimochi said:

    Yup. That, and I'd probably have to do some of the female parts too seeing how we're literally lacking people for that. But that's after I get the whole mixing and pairing audio done.

  3. #276582012-05-29 00:18:57n1xx said:

    @Momimochi You did an absolutely amazing job with the mixing! I'll have so much fun finalizing the video with this audio. <3

    @Everyone Concerning my portion of the editing, I will try to have the video ready by the end of this week. Some chances are that it might be extended to sometime next week, at most.

    I thank you all for being so patient and thank you again, Momi, for making such a great mix. ;3

  4. #281712012-06-02 06:54:02 *Decae said:

    Nice audio; though, a lot of people are either too loud or too quiet. But, still, freaking awesome.

    EDIT: Actually, I listened to it again and I totally take back that last comment. It's just awesome. ;D

  5. #282972012-06-03 01:34:26n1xx said:

    Hi everybody!

    I'm so sorry about the video taking a long time to complete! To compensate, I thought I would post a very tiny preview of it, in order for you to also have an idea of the icon templates. Speaking of which, they are what's making the editing quite long, yet extremely interesting to finalize. Please look forward to the final product!

    I will try my best to complete the project tomorrow, since, other than the icon templates, I may have a few modification ideas for some of the video frames. At the latest, however, it will surely be done by Wednesday!

  6. #286452012-06-06 04:50:53 *n1xx said:

    The Editing is Finally Finalized!

    It is finally time to present you all with the final and official product of the chorus! I have decided to keep the full opening video intact, instead of modifying some scenes, since it all blends and fits so perfectly together already! I hope you all enjoy the result as much as I do, and a great job to all participants who have made this possible! <3

    If you happen to not be able to watch Youtube videos, an identical upload also exists on my Vimeo account. (Watch it here!)

    Furthermore, I have also uploaded High and Low Resolution versions of the chorus, for those who wish to have their own copy, in order to either share it on their own video streaming channels and/or to simply keep it as a souvenir.

    Finally, I would humbly love to congratulate @Shirosuke and @Momimochi for both their leadership and their perseverance in this project. We make a great team! Furthermore, @Fieyr is also to be thanked for evaluating the samples I have been sending him, these past few days. <3

    Congratulations to all and to the pleasure of working with everyone again~!

  7. #286952012-06-06 13:32:00Fieyr said:

    This turned out so amazingly well! It's a testament to what can happen when you have dedicated, hardworking people leading a project as well as motivated participants. Great job everyone.

    I think @Shirosuke, @Momimochi, and @n1xx deserve a round of applause for all the time and effort they put into this.

  8. #287332012-06-06 18:18:26Shirosuke said:

    No one should be thanking me ;w; I did nothing at all!!

    This is the effort of @Momimochi and @N1xx <3 <3 I am grateful to them and I am so happy how nice it turned out in the end!!

    Great Job all of you!!

    And @MrTrain you sound adorable btw <3