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  1. Duolingo

    #197342012-03-25 20:38:14 *Gasganno said:

    An interesting concept on learning a new language, not sure if it would help me personally but it sure as hell is interesting!

    Duolingo has just gone into private beta if you're interested in trying it out go to there website and sign up!

  2. #197432012-03-25 21:00:01Gasganno said:

    @SENsei lol if you're point was to make me use Google translate then it worked. but yeah it certainly is interesting but I think it will help some more than others. People who are going to take it seriously and actually find a sense of achievement in knowing that they're doing some thing "good" or "helping" a cause may get a lot out of it. i think it really just depends on how you learn. still it's got me interested.

  3. #197872012-03-26 02:27:52Gasganno said:

    Hmm yeah i'm wondering what range of languages will be available. i'm assuming most used languages are priority. but i'm not sure if it said they're doing all of them.

  4. #198272012-03-26 12:32:08Xyopq said:

    So I'm guessing that the company charges websites to have their pages translated and then they get people to do it for free on the basis that they're learning a new language.

  5. #199672012-03-27 05:43:06Gasganno said:

    Yeah, that's what i'm assuming is the basic business behind how it works which seems to me like a pretty fair deal.