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  1. Racial pecking order in Mass Effect

    #197902012-03-26 03:31:24 *Mu said:

    So yeah, lemme lay down the racial pecking order of mass effect down for ya's.

    Krogans: Space Black people Asari: Space amazons and space Jedi Humans: Space douchebags. Quarians: Space middle easterners after space 9/11 Geth: Space Chinese Salarians: Space nerds or space Sheldon's Drell: Space Italians Elcor: Space special people Turians: Space Al Quaeda and Osama Bin Saren Volus: Space jews Vorcha: Space Mexicans Batarians: Space North Koreans Hanar: Space Magikarp Reapers: Space Russians Collectors/Protheans: Space Japanese

    I hope this has pissed you off or made you laugh. In either case, I win.

  2. #197932012-03-26 03:59:16Trev said:

    @Mu - The tags exist so that threads can be indexed and people can find stuff by topics they like. Tag clutter just messes that system up.

    And for the record, we're still gaining members.