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Durarara General

  1. #321322012-07-05 10:25:37Nightray said:

    Shizuo and Izaya.. I think having a character like Izaya is very refreshing because you don't know whether he's really good or bad until you go deep into the story.. he's not crazy but he's not sane either.. or maybe he's sane but is just a little obsessed with certain things.. he claims to love humans and yet it's like super twisted so hands down i think Izaya is the best character there is.. Shizuo is the opposite if him.. you can't have a dark character without a light-ish one like Shizu-Chan. plus their relationship is just funny.. xDD

  2. #323032012-07-07 15:55:29sully said:

    Durarara is an awesome anime, though what sucks is the light novels are not in english and none of the freaking companies are willing to spend a few extra money in translating the novel. But they too thick to see that they could swing a lot of money as there are dying, unable to read Javanese, fan who would pay anything to get their hands on that english novel. You know what the problem is with the world? We are to darn stubborn/ greedy to think outside this box!

    And what i think of izaya/shizuo? They really need to have sloppy make outw and get it over and done with. We all know shizuo is eager to dominate izaya, and izaya wants to be the uke. Someone give them a room already?!

    I rest my case!

  3. #346302012-08-02 10:52:54sully said:

    Thanks :D but i really do hope they translate it so i can buy it.-__- when it comes to reading long texts online my brain switches off....

  4. #414712012-10-28 21:14:34Manami_An said:

    I find that I like the entire cast.(: Although Shizuo has to be my favorite... I like that the author has a well developed, carefully drawn-out personality for each individual. Besides Anri, anyways. Everything Anri-related was easy to predict.

  5. #480682013-02-07 18:39:11kichirikachiri said:

    So hard to pick, because there are so many awesome ones:(

    but i choose Celty. Because for a headless chick. She is pretty damn ADORABLE :3

  6. #921252015-09-21 13:02:22 *Izayaslover said:

    Izaya orihara is precious Any of you know the 'a sunset with orihara izaya' light novel? Spoilers below, I hope you can be stuffed to see my rant I will appreciate it if you do <3. Oh you need to highlight the text btw hahhh Vol. 13 of the novel: Izaya nearly died when Shizuo was THAT CLOSE TO KILLING HIM BUT NO Varona decided it'd be funny if SHE stabbed izaya so boom there she went. Izaya decided not to visit Shinto for treatment and he left ikebukuro CRI ERI TIME ;-; A sunset with orihara Izaya light novel: Izaya is still the precious douchebag he is and he no longer works in ikebukuro but in the kanto region. OML HE CAN'T OBSERVE THE HUMANS HE LOVES SO MUCH BECAUSE 1. He's now in a wheelchair, he sustained injuries to his legs during the fight where Shizuo/Varona nearly killed him. 2. People around him pity him and can't act the way they normally would I mean he is in a wheelchair y'know. HE HATES THAT, NOT BEING ABLE TO OBSERVE DEM HUMANS AND NOT BEING ABLE TO PARKOUR LIKE A MAN anyway When he left ikebukuro he decided to cut off all ties with everyone there rly sad m8 But then (holy crap I hate this because I hate HER) he calls NAMIE THAT LITTLE INCESTSISTERCRAP and they're (apparently, no this is not canon, just read some other person's opinion) best friends now. Just felt like raging somewhere, heh. Anyway I ship shinra and celty over 9000 I DON'T SHIP SHIZAYA BECAUSE NO YAOI PLS or NAMIE LIL BASTARD AND IZAYA MY LOVE. Très bien

  7. #921922015-09-24 16:11:00Clever said:

    I dunno. It's hard to pick a singular favorite character. They all get a ton of character development ._.

  8. #1064622016-08-26 04:33:52 *Kirn said:

    So here's a fun fact. I wanted to write up some of my thoughts about the Drrr 2 Ketsu (seriously, who the fuck even makes up those names?), but we don't have thread for it. And I am NOT going to make one, so fuck you, I am necrobumping this thread here. Seems appropriate.

    So. Drrr 2 fucking Ketsu... One thing I have to say immediately - I actually liked it. I really enjoyed it much more than I expected to. Well, partly I can blame the lowered expectations after Shou and mostly Ten... yeah, no, fuck it. It will be Drrr 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. Much more convenient. So yeah, Drrr 2.1 had a really long build-up, but last eps actually were a blast. 2.2 on the other hand was pretty much crap all the way, and who the fuck are even all those people they brought there? I never even bothered to remember them all. But 2.3 keeps up the action for all the length of it, returns the proper characters and is actually interesting and funny.

    Also, some of the new characters are actually decent. Chikage Rokujo is good man, and doing good things after Kadota knocked some sense into him. Vorona overthinks things, but is never hesitant about taking action. Kasane Kujiragi has her own charm and kick-ass ability, which looks damn sweet. They are alright.

    What else... I do like to see 2 out of 3 main idiots of the show getting kicked. Kida got kicked quite literally, at first, by Ran... and I mean, really, that guy broke his hand with his head, and I went like "yeah, serves him right!".. and then Kida got mentally beaten by Chikage, which amounted to what every normal person watching this anime was saying for years now, and which goes something like this: "boy, you acted like slowpoke idiots all this time..." I mean, someone just had to finally tell that to one of them.
    Anri didn't get kicked physically (because really, who would kick a glassed girl with huge tits?), but she sure had enough talking to in that chapter. And I do enjoy that her last talking to was given by Kadota, reasonably explaining to her what's what. Too bad there was not many Kadota scenes this time, though. But he did good. Got out of coma, and immediately ran away from hospital. That's something very relatable for me. And he remains the voice of reason through the series.

    Mikado, however, did not have anyone to just hit him on the head and say 'hey, you act like a complete retard', so we got what we got, which was cripple vs weakling fight. And I am very very very sad that he didn't die in the end. Mikado remains most hated character of the show for me.

    Btw, I noticed, a whole lot of people ended up injured by the end of this. Kadota, Kida, Shizuo. I guess, that's the plot device, so they wouldn't just straight-up overpower their respective opponents towards the end of the season. Though, Shizuo still overpowered as fuck, obviously. Actually, even Vorona got her leg injured before going against karate girl (who the fuck is that character anyways?). So yeah, it's certainly a recurring theme this time.

    Main villain sucked, though. I mean, I couldn't even remember who was that guy until the very end, and then I was 'what? this is the villain of the season? are you shitting me?' Then again, he ended up being stab-fucked to death. Quite literally... So it's all good, I guess.

    In any case. Show obviously has it flaws, but they really cleaned up their act since 2.2, so I would say, this is a decent enough ending. And really... there are some really good stuffs there.

    Like Kida breaking his arm. Can't be happy enough about it.
    Like Shingen hiring doubles, or trying to throw head and failing pathetically. I mean, who even does that!
    Like Simon explaining "Это зомби. Укусит, станешь таким же." during Saika invasion, like an expert.
    Like Erika hiding in plain sight by using red eye lenses and totally missing the point.
    Like Shinra kidnapping scene, which was all awesome, and later Shinra reacquiring his love, which was also pretty damn awesome.
    Like Namie finally finding her true calling as an internet hater.
    Like Togusa, realizing he's the only normal person in the apartment.
    Like Shizuo, riding the black rider's... bicycle... of death... into action... yeah.

    Not bad at all!