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Durarara General

  1. #26672011-12-31 06:17:40izzyswan said:

    IZAYA ! IZAYA ! IZAYA! Even thought he can be just plain out evil it dosnt mean he isnt the best!If you know me already then you know what im about to say..... LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!

  2. #26712011-12-31 06:30:09TalTal said:

    Che, you guys are ignoring the best side of Izaya. There are some rare times in Durarara where he shows jealousy at other's friendship, and a longing to just eat hotpot with someone. Those few times are delicious in their irony, and are to be respected and looked forward to. That overconfidence and manipulative bastard attitude is a double sword. Yes, he's very powerful and pretty much has control over the city, but, it's lonely at the top.

  3. #32782012-01-02 09:35:48AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Anri is so cool! She can use Saika to control anyone. I liked when she was running from the Yellow Scarves in a bunny suit. Everything looks good on her.

  4. #53702012-01-09 07:37:34eterno said:

    @sl350 Wow!!!!!! I used to do that too when they mocked me for being fat or some other reasons which I had forgotten! But desks are nothing! I once threw a goddamn sofa! Though I'm more like Izaya these days and thus he's my favorite <3

  5. #59702012-01-12 03:21:40sl350 said:

    well you know when push comes to shove every thing is a weapon and variety is the spice of death :D

  6. #80242012-01-21 05:06:53izzyswan said:

    IZAYA!!!!!!Is one of the evilest,strangest most super awesome guy on durarara (not to mention hot)!!!!but of course like the rest of my fellow durarara fans shizuo comes in second!

  7. #80312012-01-21 05:45:36izzyswan said:

    IZAYA ORIHARA !!!!!!i love him sooo much.i mean i love izaya it would be cool if he meet a chick who loved to play mind games smirks alot and can actually see thourgh izayat he perfect match.he deserves a chance at love (but not with shizuo)im so sick of that shizaya or shizzy crap .LONG LIVE THE KING IZAYA ORIHARA!!!!

  8. #80332012-01-21 05:59:04TalTal said:

    Wait, why did you post twice? If you wanted to add on just use the edit button :l Please don't double post...especially when you're saying pretty much the same thing.

  9. #89972012-01-27 11:08:58Pirateness said:

    I'm sure most of you already knows this site, but for those who don't, here's the same chat as in Durarara!! :D you just pick an avatar and your name, no need for password and stuff