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Durarara General

  1. #125792012-02-12 21:56:42izzyswan said:

    okay i know i said Izaya orihara is the best but now im not sure.I just finished watching all the durarara episodes and now i think shizuo starting to top over izaya.Its starting to confuse me.I need ideas on who i should chose.Such as what about them makes them so awesome .please help me decied!thank you!

  2. #125892012-02-12 23:18:51roseorihara said:

    @izzyswan okay,gor one thing Izaya has an awesome parke jacket, awesome auburn eyes, uses a flick blade and is the best information broker ever ps is sooo epic!On the other hand Shizuo has AMAZING strenth ,awesome hair and alawys has snappy comebacks along with being a wonderful bodyguard!So along with you im stuck on the topic but we'll figure it out eventually!

  3. #209272012-04-04 21:48:07bleachedsnow said:

    @BJesso Momi was't really commenting on your choice of favorite characters in DRRR!! She was just flabbergasted by the gratuitous use of Japanese in one of the previous posts.

  4. #229822012-04-22 06:16:24roseorihara said:

    Izaya could easy break you down in a heart beat and make you like yea...but shizuo can scare u into liking him more (and still make you cry) plus bleed... Celty could just kick your butt without trouble...Shinra could disect you...Mikado well he could post false rumors about you on the dollars website cause you know hes a kid with power.....Anri (being the parsite she is)would use sika to cut you and use you if wanted.....Kida would charm you into loving him but could also get his boys on ya...Simon would stuff your mouth full of sushi mad or not...Tom would most likly punch you like a normal dude...Thats about all i feel like typing....Yeah but i have to pick Shizuo.(or Izaya or Cely or Shinra or Mikado or Anri or Kida or tom or Simon