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  1. Best shounen anime?

    #208652012-04-04 12:34:36 *Ciacchi said:

    I'd like to know what is your favorite shounen anime or manga My favorite anime was Durarara!! Still wait for the second. X) Ao no Exorcist is good too, but not too interesting i thought.

  2. #208742012-04-04 14:05:58 *13 said:

    Dragon Ball is known as the creator of the shounen genre, so that probably makes DB the best shounen series by default.

    Classic shounen: One Piece!, Naruto, Bleach, Gintama, YuYu Hakusho, Reborn!, Hunter X Hunter, Shaman King, Hikaru no Go, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Eyeshield 21, D.Gray-man, Gurren Lagann, Hajime no Ippo, Fairy Tail.

  3. #208962012-04-04 17:38:35break said:

    Durarara is not shounen. personnaly im more of a seinen fan too, but there are soem good shounens too. for example FMA (Brotherhood) is a great example. Gintama too, obviously. One Piece is a true classic and pretty great, and Hunter x Hunter is also very great; currently watching the 2011 remake thatll be faithful to the manga. and then theres Bleach, which ha sits High's and Down's, but in the end i do like it. well and fo course dragonball Z is aclassic, but i haven tseen it anymre sicne i was small.. im also a Fan of d.Gray man but its kidna Hard to tell if its Shounen or Seinen now since it used to be serialized as Shounen but it switched to a Seinen-magazine quite a while ago. most of what was in the anime was during the shounne-period though, but now it switched to beeign seinen.

  4. #209292012-04-04 22:04:46 *break said:

    @Lycan hm I'm not sure if it's classified as shounen or not.. not exactly sure, thats why I said nothing xD

    @Ecstasy well based on the magazine it's serialized in at least, although it's kind of an oooodd case genre-wise...

  5. #209342012-04-04 22:33:25Momimochi said:

    Oh what, I thought TTGL was one of those given ones without the needs of mentioning it. It's a fact.

    Wait, not one of those given ones, THE given one.

  6. #209412012-04-04 22:52:02Momimochi said:

    @Break All of which was in the anime was back when DGM was still in WSJ.

    It got switched around the time when the LVL 4 attacked the HQ and when the Noahs appeared after the Ark arc or something. (Lol +/- a whole arc right there)

  7. #209422012-04-04 22:55:53break said:

    @Momimochi yes, thats what i said^^ btw i never really looked it up, but did the anime end because they wnated to wait for more chapters or because the anime-staff has gone bankrupt?

  8. #209492012-04-05 00:42:17Momimochi said:

    most of what was in the anime was during the shounne-period though

    MOST vs ALL. There is a difference.

    What I heard was the anime-staff gone bankrupt and something about Bleach taking the time slot or something. But err, I think when the anime ended, it was also when Hoshino hurt her hand and it whole thing went on hiatus as well.

  9. #209572012-04-05 02:16:20break said:

    @Momimochi hm so that was it huh? well, aybe some other staff is gonna pick it up soemtime later

    @senkono you sure? i mightve misudnerstood it, btu im pretty sure thats what tehy said in an interview thats in an artbook of DGM i have, too.. might be a translation error or a misunderstanding on my part?

  10. #209582012-04-05 02:22:42Momimochi said:

    'S what I heard from forgotwhatsource years ago. And yeah, DGM's a part of Jump SQ now, some "remake" of Monthly SJ or something.

  11. #209622012-04-05 02:58:02break said:

    @senkono hm then i guess it was eithe a translation error or a misunderstanding sicne most seinen's are motnthly and most shounen are weekly.

  12. #209662012-04-05 04:31:20bleachedsnow said:

    @Momimochi I know that it's a monthly update, but it sure feels like more than a month has passed since chapter 212 came out. And mangastream isn't scanlating it anymore, so I was wondering if there were any other groups who picked it up from them.