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  1. Hey Arnold!

    #210342012-04-06 00:13:49 *Dec said:

    A few members recently reminded me of one of my favorite childhood classic cartoons, as specified in the title of this thread. I don't know how many members remember this program as its pretty old. However personally I think in respect that "Hey Arnold!" was a show that television shows of today cannot even master. As most cartoons deem to be lacking in the content of vocabulary I've noticed. (Makes me sad ;n;) SO basically this is a appreciation thread. Deal with it.


    http://i.imgur.com/prh1u.gif Gahhhh, Helga. Skdjkdjkjdh. ;w;

  2. #210392012-04-06 01:02:42Fieyr said:

    Great show, I watched it all the time back in the day. I loved the diversity, not to mention complexity of the characters compared to other shows at the time. Humor mixed with some good life lessons and a cute little love story just beneath the surface.

  3. #210552012-04-06 07:39:36JoJoBird said:

    That show was awesome, I am sure you guys know I love old cartoons and this was one of them. The characters were great and all were really unique, the city was interesting, I always pictured it as old brooklyn with it being in a modern setting.

    Great show.

  4. #210782012-04-06 15:25:27Dec said:

    It played a big part in my life during my younger years. If I admit, I love this show even now and I can say, from watching briefly a few episodes that I found on youtube, that it is still something I would happily watch for hours on end. c:

  5. #236252012-04-26 00:19:00AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I remember watching that show when I was like 3-6 years old. If I could bring all the cartoons from that era back, then I would do it in a heart beat. Shows that come out these days just don't compare to the old ones.

  6. #236682012-04-26 04:11:46Mau said:

    My childhood right there. I have and always will love the Opening. This show made me love Jazz, and was first show I ever sailed a ship in.