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  1. CL Song Covers

    #210822012-04-06 17:46:44 *Keri said:

    We used to have a thread for this but as far as I can see, no one's remade it.

    SO post your song covers here, be they bad or good or outrageously sexy. If you're wondering why I haven't posted one, it's because until last week my mic. was amazingly terrible but if you have a suggestion for some song for me or any other CL member to cover, feel free to post those here too!

    Oh, here's the old thread if you wanna browse some of the previously posted covers - archive.thecolorless.net/thread/67749

  2. #210962012-04-06 21:00:59 *Inasda said:

    sugestions (recommended category for anyone to choose) If ya do any of these songs, ill try to make an amv of you/gravi

    single/group- Kimi no Shiranai monogatari

    single/duet- nabari no ou- opening (Crawl)

    Group-Just be friends

    Group -Caramelldansen

    Random box COLOR-by Flow viva la vida-by coldplay (GROUP) Dynamite-by taio cruz

  3. #211482012-04-07 06:27:52 *Kyuuun said:

    Pomfpomfpomf. lets go.

    Call Me Maybe

    Anything SWS

    uhh.. Lily or Cherry Boy Rap Riot..

    Or anything Disney.

  4. #212312012-04-08 02:17:01Inasda said:

    Suggestion list 2

    Single- Trust me- by The Fray

    My dearest- by supercell

    Perfect day- by supercell

    Hero- by supercell

    Destine histoire

    Home:Words - Wong fu production

    Sayanara memories- by supercell

    Same thing with my first list, I'll try to make amv.

  5. #212362012-04-08 04:04:06Trev said:

    I have serious covers but they're uninteresting.

    If Liz still has me doing Lady Gaga on acoustic guitar though you can listen to that <.< I'll ask

  6. #212562012-04-08 15:18:36MyogiWarrior34 said:

    If you're still up for this... contact me ASAP:

    available for:

    Just Be Friends (Luka), Magnet (Miku & Luka), Rolling Girl (Miku), etc. if you want me to sing other songs, ask me then I'll see if I can do so or can't... :/