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CL Song Covers

  1. #1043992016-07-03 00:03:19ObvsIronman said:

    i am going to post two! from my soundcloud.

    Hurricane by Panic! at the Disco
    Animal by Neon Trees

    theyre really low quality but theyre something

  2. #1047932016-07-09 16:57:00Kirn said:

    Everyone loves villain songs. We obviously love villain songs. How can you not love a song about plans to crush/enslave/destroy humanity set to a catchy tune? So here's the one me and @Lieutenant sang about the destruction of the whole galaxy. The song is from the show "Wander Over Yonder", which I am yet to see, but the song is damn great, so here it is. As always, editing is also done by @Lieutenant


  3. #1049382016-07-12 16:03:45Kirn said:

    Only halfway through this I suddenly realized that this is not a professional studio recording. Very good!

  4. #1065702016-08-31 05:54:25 *Lieutenant said:

    I recently changed my SoundCloud username so previous posts won't work anymore unless you changed the username in the url to my current one. I'm that lazy to change all the posts.

    Anyways. I enjoyed singing this song. Decided to remake it since I got my new microphone. I'm also looking forward to Volume 4 this October.

    Also last song before I go to uni.