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CL Song Covers

  1. #1066662016-09-04 10:02:57Kirn said:

    So. Felt like some jazz today. Found a really nice song, but sadly, there was no completely good instrumental for it. Still, inferior instrumental kinda fits my singing, so it all works out in the end. Almost broke my voice on that one. Them jazz style-singings....

  2. #1073962016-10-01 09:43:15Kirn said:

    And now for something different. Song 'Trust Me' from extremely great and extremely not well known movie 'Devil's Carnival'.

  3. #1080272016-11-13 15:14:56Grinners said:

    Hey CL! Here's another cover. It's Frank Turners Substitute I did with my best friend Harry. Enjoy~ Hit me up if you have any requests, or just wanna say hi :D

  4. #1094972017-03-10 11:24:05Kirn said:

    With all the video recordings, I haven't been singing much recently. But I found me one of the Miracle of Sound song piano covers, so here we go.