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CL Song Covers

  1. #296182012-06-14 13:02:56Fieyr said:

    As soon as I can get my PC back up and running (waiting for Asus to send me a new motherboard) I will totally post a cover! I've been meaning to for a while now...

  2. #339652012-07-22 17:59:39Ethernal said:

    @Fieyr wow and once again you surprise me,lol thats a great cover, I love the sound of piano,unfortunatly I will never be able to play a piano lol

  3. #352172012-08-08 21:00:34 *Xyopq said:

    @Ipotane I was expecting you to look like your profile picture. Instead you look like a cross between Ed Sheeran and my uncle Billy (who gets ALL the bitchez). I am disappoint.

    EDIT: Disappoint has passed since watching your 1st video.