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CL Song Covers

  1. #865462015-01-20 20:09:23CQKumber said:

    @Lieutenant 's and my cover of Deeper Conversation, by Yuna, with her on vocals and me playing da guitar. Took a good bit longer than expected due to multiple complications popping up one after the other, but it was buckets of fun and totally worth the effort!

  2. #871512015-02-06 14:49:44CQKumber said:

    The ever-talented @Lietuenant's and my cover of Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes, with her on vocals and me on guitar

    My timing's off throughout a good portion of it, and I'm pretty sure the pitch of the bass changes like three times, but all in all we both had a lotta fun with it, so I'm happy~

  3. #872562015-02-09 15:43:32 *Zephyr said:

    =///3////= lame cover of magnet.. the voice is ...not really audible. and my japanese sucks (unfortuneately, voice too). anyway..... meh
  4. #882202015-03-26 19:37:25Kip said:

    Testing some things out with the reformatted laptop, all my sound settings were reset and it's still impossible to get this microphone to sound good lol