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CL Song Covers

  1. #959832015-12-21 20:03:03Enami said:

    .... O~O uh... @Kirn's voice was.. unexpected o-o i guess he's more normal than i thought hahaha xD and Lieu's voice is cute~

  2. #968502016-01-04 04:06:48EvoRulz said:

    Hahahahahhahah no way this song!! It's about the train system where i live in melbourne, AUS! It was on tv and everything XD

  3. #965282015-12-28 18:38:10Taro_Tanako said:

    Was this the first song proposal on CL or is that part of the song?

    I'm confused..there's @Lieutenant of course, sounding all kawaii like she usually sounds and then @Kirn, who I just..ermm..well..he sounds happy..

  4. #991682016-02-13 19:12:52 *Gargron said:

    Me covering a few Nick Drake songs:

    Clothes of Sand:

    River Man:

    When I say cover, both guitar and vocals are mine