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  1. Book reccomendation to fans of the hunger games, and/or overall good literature.

    #214882012-04-10 15:43:41 *Thanatos_M said:

    Book is called Starters, amazing read. Finished it off in 2 days, enjoyed every moment of it. I highly recommend it.

    Synopsis: The story takes place in a Dystopic, post-war America. The story is about a girl named Callie who is struggling to get by with her friend Michael and her brother Tyler. She does not think that they can survive for much longer, and thankfully there is a way out. An establishment called Prime Destinations is offering her a large sum of money to "borrow" her body.

  2. #215372012-04-10 20:39:54Takanashi said:
    I've recently come to enjoy The Game of Thrones and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for books with a similar setting.
  3. #215612012-04-11 00:51:52Thanatos_M said:

    @PigBoss : Whats that sound? I think it is the sound of nobody caring.

    @Darkchaplain: I could, but if there is a posting requirement why don't you do this. Make a sticky topic and make it appear in the front. Write on the sticky topic: MAKE SURE TO READ. On said sticky topic make it clear that not posting there is a violation of the rules.

    Unless these sticky's happen, or unless it was made CLEAR that posting there was a rule I feel like you are wasting space on my topics (As always, ya little prick.) Sincerely: Mu. P.S. Get a hobby.

  4. #216812012-04-12 00:33:13 *n1xx said:

    Since this thread has in fact derailed from its original purpose, it will unfortunately be locked shortly.

    While it is not directly against the rules to create such an independent topic, it is strongly recommended to post such reviews and recommendations, in a more general thread, in order to regroup all the necessary information at the same place.