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  1. Teletubbie Chorus **UPDATE 15/04/2011**

    #215672012-04-11 01:56:16 *MrTrain said:

    This will be a fairly small chorus of only 4 people. Audition will be needed if more than one person wants a role Other than that it's pretty much first come first serve.

    EDIT: I have been unable to find a reasonable karaoke file for this song, so you know what that means? We are now gonna make the instrumentals ourselves. If you are able to play any of the instruments listed, and/or any other similar, please listed to the song and try playing by ear that part.

    The video will be most likely be the teletubbie opening with pictures appearing in the same manner the faces pop-up on a team attack on Disgaea

    Unless we go the more effort route in which the opening shall be rotoscoped to look like the people singing.

    Contenders For Roles:

    Tinky-Winky -@Decae Dipsy - Lala - @n1xx (Received) Po - @PigBoss

    Instrumentals: Piano - Drums - Banjo/Guitar - Triangle - Xylophone/Bells/Marimba - Flute/Recorder - @MrTrain

  2. #215682012-04-11 01:56:30 *MrTrain said:

    T=Tinky-Winky D=Dipsy L=Lala P=Po ALL=Everyone The baby laughs will be done by anybody who can. When (NAME) comes up the teletubby of respective name shall say that.


    (Baby Laugh)

    TTime For Teletubbies DTime For Teletubbies LTime For Teletubbies PTime For Teletubbies

    DTinkey-Winkey (Tinkey-Winkey!) LDipsy (Dipsy!) PLala (Lala!) TPoe (Poe!)

    TTeletubbies ALL(Teletubbies!) TSay Hello! ALL(Eh-Oh!)

    ALL(Teletubbies Laughter)

    LTinkey-Winkey (Tinkey-Winkey!) PDipsy (Dipsy!) TLala (Lala!) DPoe (Poe!)

    DTeletubbies ALL(Teletubbies!) DSay Hello! ALL(Eh-Oh!)

    D(Sheep "Sings" Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star...)

    ALL(The Teletubbies Joins The Sheep And Sings Too)

    ALL(Teletubbies Laughter)

    PTinkey-Winkey (Tinkey-Winkey!) TDipsy (Dipsy!) DLala (Lala!) LPoe (Poe!)

    LTeletubbies ALL(Teletubbies!) LSay Hello! ALL(Eh-Oh!)

    LMary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Is Your Garden Grows? TWhith Sith´s, And Sails, And Coconut Shells? LAnd Putting It All In A Row. T( I´m So Glad That´s Finished, What A Terrible Record!)

    ALLAgain! Again!

    TTinkey-Winkey (Tinkey-Winkey!) DDipsy (Dipsy!) LLala (Lala!) PPoe (Poe!)

    PTeletubbies ALL(Teletubbies!) PSay Hello! ALL(Eh-Oh!) x2

    (Baby Laugh)

  3. #216592012-04-11 22:34:55n1xx said:

    This is a very original and tempting chorus idea!

    If no other member is interested, may I audition for Lala?

  4. #221202012-04-15 17:51:14MrTrain said:

    EVERYONE I have been unable to find a suitable instrumental file of this song, so we will have to make it ourselves. If you can any any of those instruments, please do.

    @PigBoss You will now be the only Po contender, at least 'till if someone else claims they as well want the role.

  5. #222122012-04-16 03:27:11 *n1xx said:

    @MrTrain Here are my promised recordings as Lala. I separated my singing in two parts and both of these are synchronized with the tempo of the song. As a result, this shouldn't affect the audio mixing at all.

    Concerning the instrumental, I have found a MIDI version of it that might suit your liking. However, this version is a lot shorter than the complete song featured in the video.

    If ever you wish to use the MIDI version for the chorus, I foresee two editing possibilities:

    1. The easiest editing alternative would be to modify the lyrics to fit the time allocated in the MIDI. Afterwards, the video will be trimmed to match the available audio.
    2. Another idea would be to reuse parts of the MIDI to obtain the video's duration of 3 minutes and 26 seconds. Trimming the video won't be necessary if this is done.

    However, your idea of having musicians participating to make the instrumental is also quite original. It would be amazing to see a project, such as this, made from scratch.

    On an ending note, please let me know if I should revise some parts of my singing. :3

  6. #222152012-04-16 03:48:53Decae said:

    I'll be able to get mine in next Sunday (when no one's around to give me strange looks as I sing like a retard). Hope that's okay, I mean, the instrumental will probably take longer than that anyways.

  7. #222322012-04-16 04:52:21n1xx said:

    @MrTrain Would you happen to be referring to the ZIP file for the Lala recordings? If yes, here is another download link to it.

    I suspect that the initial upload was corrupted, my apologies.

  8. #222332012-04-16 04:54:10PigBoss said:

    @MrTrain 1) go on to the site clip.dj (youtube vidyas -> ??? --> mp3) 2) go on to youtube and find URL for teletubbies 3) copypasta URL youtube link 4) ??? 5) Profit (mp3 of wonderful teletubbies)