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  1. Mahou Mafia Shoujo (Title still pending)

    #218232012-04-13 00:39:49 *Ashkachan said:

    Amigo: HOLY SHIT


    An original idea of a friend and mine is well, mafia mahou shoujos. They're apart of the mafia, and use magic to do mafia's dirty deeds.

    It sounds HORRIBLE I know. But we're honestly having fun with this little project of ours. I'm hoping to turn it into some sort of a light novel, where I do the writing, character designs, and artwork. Juan (Amigo) meanwhile does the story, characters, plot, etc. I'm helping him with the little things though. I'm also planning on this entire thing being free.

    The basics of this project aren't really... done yet. (Being students and having jobs can do this to the both of us...) But we do have a extremely basic premise so far. (Subject to change.)

    Basically there's magical girls in the mafia. They do the mafia's dirty deeds. They're the basic magical girls, only with mafia outfits and no frills. When the magical girls are captured by the 'popo' (police), who're magical users too, they're stripped away of their powers and... basically very mind fucked with.

    The characters; Alice the kuudere, Erica the loli, Hitgirl as the hitgirl, Normal and the normal character (jeez, she doesn't even have a name yet...), plus 2 men. And the boss as the boss obviously.

    I'm personally hoping to get the most done by the Summer. But I have no promises it'll be fully done by then. We do like, have real lives and everything. (Plus I have new puppy to take care of. ;-;)

    We're not really accepting anyone on the project. If I need a beta reader to read over my work, I'll but out that I need one. But otherwise we're okay for now. So don't ask if you could join the project. Thank you if you DO want to join however, that means a lot ahahaha. <3

    ... Sorry for making a super long thread, mods/admins. ;-;

    Feel free to ask simple questions, and I'll try and answer them.

  2. #218882012-04-13 15:53:02Ashkachan said:

    Both me and Juan have been busy lately. (I have been moreso though, personal reasons.) We're both still pumped and active on this project, despite me being inactive. As soon as I could, got right back to drawing the character designs, and chatting with him on Steam/Formspring about this project.

    I'll update this whenever we have confirmed something/once I've gotten around to typing the first chapter (or even prologue).

    We're actually both thinking things throughly. At the beginning we were throwing ideas around, but now we're focusing on the story, plot, characters, etc. We're both taking this thing seriously now, in other words.

    But if we take it too seriously then there would be no fun at all in the story. So we have fun with it at the same time. I had fun designing the mafia outfits, for example. (I asked another buddy for a mafia outfit reference, so that might be why...)

    And, again, 'simple light questions' are A-okay with me. Anything about the character designs, the characters, etc. =/

  3. #219982012-04-14 21:08:20Dec said:

    This seems like a headless chicken project, why post about it even though you have the possibility of not ACTUALLY doing it.

  4. #220112012-04-14 21:57:55Dec said:

    @TokoyamiSenshi Haha, you are really naive. It's unbelievable. When did bring up trolling? The scary thing is, you are the individual that wouldn't know what a "troll" was if came and slapped you in the face, with a jackhammer, made of steel.