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What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

  1. #719832014-03-25 15:27:26UmiYuki said:

    Black Cat


    I watched this anime a while back but I remember really being into it. The main character, Train Heartnet who withdrew from an elite group of assassins called the Chronos Numbers to become a bounty hunter. After meeting Saya Minatsuki, Trains morals are completely changed and even though he is a infamous bounty hunter he doesn't kill, he simply wounds them with his gun, Hades, which was what caused problems for him in the CN. Creed, an old friend of Trains and a slight Yaoi interest, appears before Train once again after a few years with many followers and a very unhealthy connection of getting Train to join him. This leads to trouble, Train finds himself with more friends and people to look after than he really wanted but ends up finding out the dark secrets that both CN and Creed have been hiding.

    All in all this anime was very good at keeping my attention, it wasn't something that was normal with the characters always winning a fight and being a badass. Which was a plus so yes I would recommend watching this if you have free time.

    D. Gray Man


    Allen Walker was born with a 'deformed' left arm that resulted in his parents completely abandoning him, though a man named Mana which simply took him under his wing and protected him. They never rested and always traveled and his saying simply became 'Keep moving forward, never look back' which Allen Walker practiced. When Mana passes away a Evil creator named Millennium Earl comes to him in his time of depression and tells him that he could bring him back, Allen Walker being a child agrees only to find out that the father he loved had become and Akuma, demon. The power of the Akuma awakens Allens Innocence, a type of power that only a few people can manage and control, and his deformed left arm becomes a large claw, ripping Mana apart letting Manas soul rest in peace, but not without a parting gift. Mana cursed Allen, giving his left eye the power to detect Akuma, which later becomes more powerful but very painful.

    This anime was great! Beyond anything this anime kept me on my toys and even broke my heart a few times. You saw the characters you fall in love with go through hell, kiss death and then sometimes come back, sometimes you didn't. It was a generic story, it twisted what we knew and made it sound so dirty when its so clean. The only problem I honestly had with it was that because the creator got sick and missed a deadline, he stopped creating the anime so right now I believe, if I remember correctly, the manga has the rest of the story after episode 52.

    Blue Exorcist


    Revolving around Rin Okumura, a teenager possessing abnormal strength and endurance who, along with his twin brother Yukio, was raised by Father Shiro Fujimotoy, Rin learns that he is the son of Satan, the strongest of all demons. Witnessing Shiro dying to protect him, Rin ends up doing what his guardian asked him never to do: draw the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his demonic powers, from its scabbard. From that moment on, Rin not only gains permanent demonic features like fangs, pointed ears, fiery "horns" and a tail, but also the power to ignite himself into blue flames that can destroy almost anything they touch. At Fujimoto's funeral, Rin has an encounter with Fujimoto's friend Mephisto Pheles, who agrees with Rin's wish to become an Exorcist like his guardian to become stronger and to defeat Satan. Rin enrolls at the prestigious True Cross Academy, which is actually the Japanese branch of an international organization dedicated to protect the human realm, Assiah, from demons and other creatures from the demon realm.

    I just now started this anime but so far its good and funny at the same time, which is hard to do. Its kinda a generic theme to me... I mean demons and such is pretty normal now in anime and it seems that they over powered the main character just a bit in the few episodes that I watched, such as stopping a demon with a simple glance in training class. The only thing that really saved this anime for me was how interesting it got, besides the small details it makes you really think what could happen, why is he doing that, I thought they were friends! Plus you can't help but have a dirty mind in some of the scenes, Yaoi in main account for here.

    Deadman Wonderland


    A massive earthquake ravaged Japan's mainland and destroyed most of Tokyo, sinking three-quarters of the city into the ocean, ten years later, Ganta Igarashi, a seemingly ordinary student attending Nagano Prefecture's middle school who is an escapee, a survivor of the great earthquake, has no memories of the tragedy and has lived a normal life. This all changes when a strange person covered in blood and crimson armor floats through his classroom windows. Grinning madly, the 'Red Man' massacres Ganta's entire class but instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in Ganta's chest. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is declared the sole suspect. Following a quick unfair trial, Ganta is sentenced to death and is incarcerated in Deadman Wonderland, a massive theme park-like prison. When he gets there he is placed in a 'game' where the two people who have the shards power try to beat the other person, the loser is then placed in a chair and a slot like machine is spun and whatever it lands on that part is cut off or cut out. Ganta is then forced to not only try to find the Red Man but fight while a girl in white bothers him saying they know each other, memories he slowly starts to remember over time.

    It was a good anime. There was little humor in it honestly but the gore and action made up for it. Sometimes its bad to have to much of that and the story wasn't really set up and knocked down. Your kinda left wondering whys this and whys that but the story is different from the other anime and thats really what gives this anime a kick off into the right direction.

  2. #720862014-03-27 14:12:12Dark-B said:

    Silver spoon.

    And definitely watch that show, it's pretty entertaining and as a slice of life anime fan, it's been worth it from the beginning. It has a realistic and simple story that managed to be entertaining and pretty much well planned. Who'd have thought an anime about farmers lives would be so great?

  3. #720872014-03-27 14:52:09Shorono said:

    Boku no Kamui part II: Scissor beats needle

    It's a nice change of scenery at least, not as good as some may claim but its not bad either.

  4. #731292014-04-14 00:57:02R4gn0r0k said:

    i am watching magi the labyrinth of magic and i recemend it to everyone as for for age rating,it has a good storyline,emotion and plot.

    it has 25 episodes and a second season with 25 more episodes and i think there may be a 3rd season

  5. #731742014-04-14 10:04:57ShioriAyama said:

    I'm re-watching Chrono Crusade for the third time. I would recommend it for others to watch. I'm also watching Shingeki no Kyojin and Angel Beats, which are both even better.

  6. #732442014-04-15 15:33:41Yugure said:
    Gintama! *hands down*
    I really, REALLY recommend it!
    Gintama has 260+ non-stop, action pack, quotes-for-life, other anime preferences, hilarious, the-feels-moment, top epic fails episodes, that will make you Laugh Out Loud (literally).
  7. #745542014-05-01 20:35:04blanket said:

    what i'm currently watching: no game no life, black butler, and ouran high school host club are the only ones i've been watching as of recent, sadly. but they're both really great! what i recommend: ergo proxy, black rock shooter, another, beyond the boundary, flcl, fma: brotherhood... i'm sure there's more but i'm blanking out on names.