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What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

  1. #699392014-02-11 09:28:44johan_5179 said:

    Finished recently - The Tatami Galaxy

    Tatami Galaxy is a Comedy-Romance-Slice of Life show with a brilliantly awkward art-style, great character building, witty dialogue and a remarkably handled psycho-babble element which for once does not kill my interest in the show but rather enhances it. Heartily recommended.

    The only criticism is that there is hardly any thematic depth to the show. And it can get a tad bit repetitive at times. The show takes a single element and works its way through 11 beautiful and eccentric episodes to get that one point across, but there is never a dull moment, and while I wouldn't call it a particularly great show, I would say that it is a must-watch, if only to see the ingenious experimentation that the show engages in vis a vis the artwork and dialogue.


  2. #705892014-02-25 16:50:52Ultrahaze said:

    Oh my goodness "The Talk Too Much Galaxy" lolol I totally agree. People have told me it's an acquired taste to enjoy this anime but really despite the mile-a-minute dialogue it's pretty damn amazing! :DDD

  3. #699482014-02-11 17:28:03megumi-tan said:

    I am (re) watching Serial Experiments Lain, and I would totally recommend it, especially to people who like Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, shows that have more depth and complicated elements than most (in my opinion) and psychological even. If you are what some might call a "causal watcher", you probably aren't going to want to invest in this anime.

    The show centers around a young girl named Lain (holyshitnoway), who is pretty much a loner. One of her classmates commits suicide, and a few days later Lain and her classmates begin to receive messages from the deceased person on their phones etc. Lain begins to respond to these messages, and her dead classmate tells her that even after dying she has been able to pass on into "the wired", and has found God. The anime then gets a bit more complicated and throws a shit load of theories and such at you which result in mind fuck.

    Personally I love the animation and find it unique and of very good quality, however, since this show was first aired in 1998, its quality is not as good as what you would see being aired today which is to be expected. (And the opening is fucking amazing don't even get me started)

  4. #699502014-02-11 18:40:23johan_5179 said:

    Oh, and just to help make sense of this mindfuck, I''d say one should read Simulacra & Simulation by Jean Baudrillard beforehand. Guy basically talks (clumsily) about the same thing Lain showcases. (You know, that book The Matrix was not really based upon.)

  5. #702642014-02-19 16:25:29 *johan_5179 said:

    Episode 17 right now and I'm like

    Reading tonnes of westerns has made most of the plot situations which I encounter early on pretty cliché for me. But there is this new supernatural element which they're working with which looks very promising.

    I wouldn't bother saying anything more, because almost every one knows just how awesome Trigun is, but hell, I was not expecting something this good :)

    I'll be back later tonight to say something about the ending, because I feel they may not be able to tie things up very neatly.

    EDIT :- Sometimes, the two girls are bloody annoying :/

    Just sometimes...

  6. #702802014-02-20 13:06:55johan_5179 said:

    The ending felt underwhelming. Sadly. The rest of the show is so so good.

    Have to read the manga now, I hear that the story is kinda different.

  7. #702652014-02-19 16:28:19DarkChaplain said:
    • Happiness Charge Precure! - No idea yet.
    • Kuroko no Basuke S2 - Sure.
    • Log Horizon - Hell yeah.
    • Sakura Trick - Yes.
    • Wizard Barristers - Not sure.
    • Witch Craft Works - Probably
    • Silver Spoon S2 - YES
  8. #702842014-02-20 13:41:11 *Lazymonk said:

    Hunter x Hunter 2011 it's a remake of the original but just in better quality. I really recommend this since it's not your everyday Shōnen where everything is black and white, where the hero is always good and whatever his intentions are he is right and the enemy is the spawn of satan and has nothing to do than to destroy our little hero. But in Hunter x Hunter 2011 you even feel bad for the bad guys because everyone got a story and the good guys intentions are not always right (which they themselves and other pinpoint.) If you watch Hunter x hunter's first episodes you may think this is a anime aimed at children oh no it may be jolly and flowers everywhere at first but later on oh god it will twist into something bloody as hell :D But i suggest you watch it since every character got it's flaws and cons (even the heroes.) + It's awesome as hell.

  9. #702882014-02-20 14:27:22johan_5179 said:

    Directed by Shinchiro Watanabe, Music by Yoko Kanno, the people who gave us Bebop? What could be wrong with this?

    3 episodes in, looking great up till now ^u^

  10. #703822014-02-22 01:20:44Ultrahaze said:

    Sakura motherflipping Trick most definitely recommended. I'm totally watching it for the...erm.....plot. However on a serious note aside from the obvious fanservice I get my daily shits and giggles from it

  11. #704232014-02-23 00:10:12Teil said:


    I just finished Jormungand. Not technically watching anymore but I felt the need to post about it since it was epic incarnate. Based on this, I'd recommend Black Lagoon, Darker than Black, or anything else with black in the title.

  12. #705882014-02-25 16:47:45 *Ultrahaze said:

    Okay i've debated whether or not to talk about this lol. Around a couple months ago I had obtained 3 volumes of obscure films created by Comix Wave. Now I had only bought it as a present to my friend a couple months ago so I never actually watched any of it.

    (Oh btw the in case not many of you many know what comix is popular for they've produced movies by Makoto Shinkai like Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second, and their recent anime movie Children Who Chase Lost Voices. Go watch some of these if you have time! They're all amazing!)

    However while I was wrapping up the dvd bundles there was this one anime I saw that was interesting. Keep in mind most of them are shorts films. Does anyone know anything about it? It's called Coffee Samurai but from what I've seen I've been hesitant to watch it...but I don't think anyone's watched it. OTL Anyways I listed some pretty nice anime movies if anyone's interested lol.

  13. #705972014-02-25 20:12:36abinit123 said:

    I am watching pupa at the moment. Although the story is seen as extreme and overly gory (with a slight hint of insect) but i find it quite addictive. I really like the art and the way that the episodes are presented. Also it's a breath of fresh air that the episodes are only around 5 minutes long, the only down side is that I have been wanting more XD

  14. #711062014-03-10 02:26:23llunbuRe said:

    Sakura Trick. Would I recommend it? NO. lol. unless you're into really bad scripted yuri with tons of useless fanservice. ;___; they never make yuri the same.. or ever.

  15. #711352014-03-10 15:05:51Kuroba_Loki said:

    I'm finally watching GitS:SAC or better known as

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

    I've been meaning to watch this for some time now, but can't find the time to organize my memory to make it fit XD Because I had 2nd gig for some time now.

    And yes, i'd recommend this show to everyone, I'm pretty sure everyone who knows this would as well~ <3

    Also, Major Kusanagi is hot <3

  16. #711412014-03-10 18:19:33mistymoon said:

    i ended watch valvera the liberator and it was awesome especially the opening theme of s1 it asong preserved rose i really recommended

  17. #711502014-03-10 23:32:24 *xXKurisu-KunXx said:

    1) I am currently watching World Conquest Zvezda Plot. This anime is just fucking great. A boy name Asuta Jimon runs away from home. He eventually runs into this little girl named Kate who is actually the leader of a group of people called the "Zvezda Organization" trying to complete their mission for total conquest. Asuta ends up getting mixed up with them and becomes a member without any choice. He is excepted into their base of operations and eventually gets used to living with them. They fight a Justice organization known as "White Light" who try to stop Zvezda's plans for conquest. Interesting Characters, Great Story, Lots of laughs, and a lot of plot twists that well make you say "What?". I recommend this one to anybody who will actually watch it. Great Anime! 2) Another Anime I recently started watching is Infinite Stratos. A boy named Ichika Orimura who is watched over by his older sister due to the death of their parents is forced by the Japanese Government to attend a International Academy to be trained as a I.S. (Infinite Stratos) Pilot. Females now dominate society, because, they are the only ones capable of piloting the I.S. Ichika is the first male to be able to pilot a I.S. though. So his life begins at a school surrounded by all women. He eventually has a group of women fighting for his affection and get jealous of each other easily. There is sci-fi, action, comedy, and romance. I am enjoying it so far. As to recommending it. Maybe to the right people.

  18. #713112014-03-15 19:35:27Taro_Tanako said:

    It's been a kinda dull season but I found a classic from 10 years ago..

    Wolf's Rain is set in some dystopian world where humanity eeks out a grubby existence, nobles with technology rule like gods, and wolves are extinct. Except they're not, they're just living amongst humans and hidden.

    The soundtrack is kinda dated (sounds 90s to me) but I love this series (I'm half way through) and it has feels, drama, action, and a questing plot. Really worth checking out.