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  1. Pottermore

    #220872012-04-15 14:40:23 *judar said:

    Pottermore! A magical world for fans of Harry Potter and the online home for the books and movies, the website allowing members exclusive new back-stories and extra tid-bits which did not find their way into the books! It also offers a chat room feature and the ability to be 'sorted' into a specific house!

    Well, this little bit is taken from Wikipedia ^^

    Pottermore is a website by J. K. Rowling, developed by TH_NK and partnered by Sony. The website, according to Rowling, will serve as a permanent online home for the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

    The site features many of Rowling's notes, several pages of text that were not included in the novels, a service that will sell e-book and audiobook versions of the seven Harry Potter novels, as well as over 18,000 words of additional content. The additional content will include a large number of background details and settings.


    Master List -

    @hais - EchoErised41 / ShieldNimbus1307

    @TalTal19 - WitchQueen12697

    @Matt - QueenPumpkin8944

    @AkiraSaki - StormMagic5669

    @Maudia - BloodKnight30420

    @Decae - BladeQuill16925

    @senkono - DawnRiver7673

    @Ipotane - SkyFloo12620

    @bleachedsnow - WingSeeker14943

    @chou - HallowDawn146

    @PBJ - (Probably) HallowMist0981230719864192

    @Arachne - LumosMoonstone7074

    @Usagii - AvisScale2261

    @Kyuuun - ThornWatch6823

    @Stormkun - CastleWave24625

    @JoJoBird - ShieldSeeker23540

    @Ucui - FlooFang23904

    @MrTrain - NightCloak27425

    @Tom - SilverVine30600

    @OriharaMairu - SpiritSword23970

    @Kuin - FlooHallow8663

    @kosukechan - ElmDust31371

    @Momimochi - SkyPatronus30842

    @Pontakun - SunFeather7288

    @Mairu_Orihara - StormCrimson139

    @Dec - SilverMist12731

    @Etsuko - DreamShield29451

    @Domo - DragonRose20065

  2. #220902012-04-15 14:52:57hais said:

    i've had access on beta, my name's EchoErised41 lol but i want a new one cos i really dont want to be in hufflepuff sobs

  3. #220912012-04-15 15:05:05Decae said:

    Most people are in Hufflepuff it seems... I still need to do my sorting, which, if the activation email ever comes, will be soon. I've always been a Ravenclaw so it BETTER NOT SCREW THAT UP.

  4. #221022012-04-15 15:58:19judar said:

    I've got my activation e-mail finally ; A ;

    Good luck to all you guys for getting into a . . . preffered house, aha.

    I've surprisingly been nearly always placed in Ravenclaw or Slytherin so if I get Hufflepuff I will cry e - e No offence to any Hufflepuff-ers.

  5. #221572012-04-15 21:21:46Matt said:

    I really wish they didn't have the child protection policy thing because I wanted to make up my own username

    now I'm stuck with queenpumpkin8944

  6. #221662012-04-15 22:32:28Decae said:

    My heart is racing so fast, my God. I got Ravenclaw, but with that test, I had no idea where I would go. Wow, that was intense...

  7. #221682012-04-15 22:44:09judar said:

    My username is ElmDraconis13568 and the other one is something or another, which I will add later ; - ;


  8. #221732012-04-15 23:28:23AkiraSaki said:

    Username - StormMagic5669 My wand is Unicorn core, ten inches, and surprisingly swishy. I got sorted into Gryffindor, although I wanted Ravenclaw.

  9. #222312012-04-16 04:49:15bleachedsnow said:


    Finished the story already and I think I've gotten all of the hidden items and cards. I'm in Gryffindor, but I kinda wanted Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I have a reasonably supple 12.5 inch beech wand with a dragon heartstring core. Add me :D

  10. #222872012-04-16 15:25:32 *judar said:

    I'll make a big list in a second e w e but I got into Slytherin but I'm intent to believe that I'm a Ravenclaw at heart. My wand is apple wood, 12 and 3/4 inch phoenix feather, ehe, which I'm quite happy with. I might use an alt account though mainly which is this one.