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  1. #228572012-04-21 01:54:34 *Domo said:

    I hope I get Slytherin o3o

    EDIT: Crap I got Gryffindor.

    EDIT 2: Deleted account. No one add that.

  2. #228672012-04-21 03:54:16Domo said:

    lol I just deleted my Ravenclaw account, too. Sorry guys. I'll try to get Gryffindor for you Kaylee OwO

  3. #332242012-07-14 01:49:53Nightray said:

    Ooh~ So there was a thread~~ Thanks @kosukechan and @n1xx for the heads up~~

    Now, where was I? Oh yes, I don't like the Gnome part!! Someone play it for me. T^T But all in all, congrats to Slytherin House for winning the House Cup. I'm in Gryffindor.

  4. #332272012-07-14 03:45:39bleachedsnow said:

    What? Slytherin won? And Gryffindor was having such a nice lead earlier too... Congrats to the Slytherins, but they better watch their backs, cuz us Gryffindors are gonna take the House Cup this time.

  5. #1042222016-06-29 20:27:10Domo said:

    Bump for new features! Take the Ilvermorny sorting quiz. (Thunderbirds, wya)

    Also not that I'll ever play but I'm Bee on Pottermore and unfortunately a Ravenclaw.