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  1. LoL Videos

    #227562012-04-20 03:44:28 *Kuru said:

    If you don't know what LoL is here's the LoL thread on the CL (

    I've recently gotten into recording when I play LoL, and knowing how many of you play LoL I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to be in a couple. Show off CL LoL skills, funny moments, etc.

    The link above is to my channel, but I'm going to put a video below so you can get see the idea of quality and such.

    Let me know if you want to play and share it with the CL. Maybe have some idea's for videos.

  2. #227792012-04-20 05:56:48 *Blacklight said:

    Btw, you should make one with Teemo, nothing like the rage of enemies dying due to poison

    Also, Ezreal cross map snipes/baron steals are always entertaining since its a banana