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Show off your desktops!

  1. #708902014-03-04 21:23:32 *Tenmaru said:

    I had an underwater city theme going on until just recently.

    Main Desktop:

    Second Desktop:

    There's a reason I have the same executable on the desktop and taskbar. I occasionally sort and check out large amounts of mods and I tend to put a few folders in half fullscreen for it, so I need the taskbar.


    Odd thing, the wallpaper for the laptop is a rather massive image, but it looked better than most of the others that I have at hand right now.

    I really got into the game a couple of months ago, read Danganronpa IF afterwards, and I recently finished the anime. I'm rather saddened about Project Zetsubou opting to not translate the second game should it get localized(which it did). I don't mean to sound like a greedy pirate, I'd go out and get a PSP at my earliest convenience, but my real concern lies in the fact that the localization is not for the PSP, but rather the PS Vita, which I have no plans to buy anytime soon. If I recall correctly, both games got a PSP release, and the first game was rather solid, having an entire section of the game dedicated to unlockable extras like artwork and BGM. Also iirc, the PS Vita is some kind of double pack with some minor additions to both games.

    So I feel saddened that Project Zetsubou decided not to translate the PSP version of the second game, leaving people to get a Vita or already have one to play the Vita platform localization. At the same time, however, I am rather grateful that PZ translated the first game and did so rather well, might I add. I enjoy things being able to be read, watched, or played by more than just one particular language group.

  2. #757102014-05-15 03:54:45--Jack-- said:

    None of the candidates ended up winning.

    I found another wallpaper I liked more, probably because of the Art Deco theme...

    The Wallpaper refused to upload onto imgur...little shit...