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Show off your desktops!

  1. #809012014-07-26 05:15:28squareof3 said:

    This marvelous work of art was done by none other than CL's very own @kofuku for our podcast thingy that we did and slightly are still almost doing
  2. #810302014-07-29 22:29:04kamihate said:

    This is my other one, I use it just for downloads, it's a Crunchbang waldorf desktop,. It's really poor, but I'm working on it.

  3. #819212014-08-29 22:59:18 *awkwardangels said:

    I'm putting this behind a spoiler because uh, it's a huge one for P4U2. (Persona 4 Arena 2) I really couldn't help myself though.

    No, they're not fighting.