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Show off your desktops!

  1. #510332013-03-21 12:23:46Ashkachan said:

    Because I can? I have weird OCD with charging wallpapers and stuff. I'm sure I'll change it more as soon as I get PS CS6 and make wallpapers again.

    And because I like messing with my computer.

  2. #510132013-03-21 03:57:05 *PureBoredom said:

    A bit messy, but here is my current desktop. Will need to mess it up some more via random image files of various sorts of clowns.

    Or something silly like that.

  3. #510172013-03-21 04:46:44 *Mau said:

    Here's mine after finally getting around to cleaning my desktop up.
    the blue block is to cover up my tumblr password. (I forget it a lot)