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  1. A Guide To Arguing Online Without Being a Jerk

    #23502011-12-30 04:56:05Trev said:

    This is Weaver's Hierarchy of Discussion. It's a good tool to check yourself against when you're arguing with someone. The closer to the top your method of address is, the more effective it becomes in actually convincing the other party.

    I've seen a lot of name-calling on the boards and in the chat. While it is "immature," a person of any age can take a lesson in basic logic and learn that being louder or more rude does not make one more right.

    Just something to think about.

  2. #24452011-12-30 15:26:04sully said:

    i still don't know what ass hat means..

    is it a hat in the shape of an ass or a hat made from asses or just just an ordinary hat with a picture of an ass on it?

  3. #28862011-12-31 23:56:57Trev said:

    @MyogiWarrior34: Unless your goal is to provoke the person into fighting with you, or to humiliate them, name-calling isn't necessary. And if you're actually trying to convince them, it rarely helps your argument.