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  1. How much do you know about the CL members

    #235012012-04-25 13:38:40megumi-tan said:

    Post everything you know about the member above you. stuff like shoe size, hair color, favorite TV show, real name, where they live, and other stuff no one cares about. With all the stuff we share here, we should know a good bit of stuff about some of the members.

  2. #235042012-04-25 13:51:38Flywalker37 said:

    Is in love with video games and books. Frequently streams live let's plays on Pretty much the main respected gaming voice on CL. Known to be funny and a bit of a dick. (A bit.) Has a blog which he almost never has time to post on. Used to be a mod on yeolde, but privileges were revoked for unknown reasons. Apparently lives in Germany.

  3. #235852012-04-25 20:27:28Shirosuke said:

    Very cool-looking and beautiful with cool piercings and has a really awesome shade of hair. Delicious accent, and plays piano. Would love to hang out with her, and overall fun to chat with! Oh, also Linguisticssssss <3

  4. #235902012-04-25 20:51:54 *Maryam said:
    • Newfag, I think.
    • Like deers, as stated
    • I have no idea

    Well, I just spent a good 10 minutes thinking/looking up facts about @Kirn on accident and I am not letting that go to waste.

    • Twice former moderador
    • Before he quit the second time, he was actually trying to be nice (which I think he succeeded at)
    • OldOldOldFag
    • Is 26 years old, possibly 27
    • Lives in Ukraine, if I'm not mistaken

    I had a lot more facts on users such as this but my archive of...facts was deletes a couple months ago and thus I had to start anew.

  5. #235932012-04-25 21:01:36Trisak said:

    is a goat that has been tainted by the penis of a human and even may have given him some sort of disease. Enjoys a "Kawayy" art dump of Server-tan Supported K-on! Has had that avatar for quite a while now, which is cool ^_^

    Just did this to see if anyone would care to take up this challenge, or if it's gonne end as one of them "No clue" responses :3

  6. #236022012-04-25 22:08:14TalTal said:

    -Is looking forward to Avengers and Loki -I'm pretty sure the one time I saw you on Tinychat you had glasses, but that was a while ago and now I'm not sure.

  7. #236242012-04-26 00:10:49InsaneBoredGame said:

    -adorable and underage (about 15) -Lives in Massachusetts -White with brown hair -Major Tumblrfag -Big time Homestuck and Hanna is not a boy's name fan -Looking forward to the Avengers (especially Tony and Loki)