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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #913862015-08-21 05:43:10 *Yugure said:

    An amazing artist, as well as a great cosplayer to boot. May bully CL chat once in a while in a form of punches, kicks, groin attacks etc. Or all. Especially when it's dead (which is, most of the time). Approach carefully.

    P.S Try throwing some sugar. ^_^

  2. #913892015-08-21 06:17:27Teil said:

    He has the most luck with RNG in pokemon out of anyone I've ever met. He's a heretic bent of filling my pure life with sin. Don't be fooled by his kind demeanor, he's pure evil. Evil

  3. #914082015-08-21 20:36:07Taro_Tanako said:

    Kitty is a mystery..although as a cute little cat, kitty loves to eat pizza and goes jogging a is Canadian and enjoys many kawaii things

  4. #916202015-08-27 10:45:37Lieutenant said:

    This fella up there is the wew of the CL, a ranger, and always (sometimes I guess) stays up late. One of my neighbour (he lives in Philippines) and a pretty laid-back guy. Girls and chains are his strength. (If I'm not mistaken he wears a spectacles in real life?)

  5. #916282015-08-27 19:16:42Taro_Tanako said:

    She is tiny and delicate like a fairy tale sprite. Has outstanding cosplay and artist skills. Served under the yoke of modship at the same time as me and was uber supportive and one of the nicest (and deadliest) people on CL. Enjoys eating carrot cake with a spoon.

  6. #922942015-09-28 04:43:38Coldu said:

    Dark Bee is like really cool and wears glasses, if I'm not mistaken. He also really really likes himself. He's really pretty and friendly and good at chess. His hair is black and his eyes are brown. His favorite show is...Steven Universe? . - .

  7. #922952015-09-28 04:48:01Lieutenant said:

    Coldu lives in Bulgaria and he's 175cm, has a dark brown hair and trolled everyone on CL that thought he was a girl (including myself).

    Also he's a crybaby. I have no idea why.

  8. #923482015-09-30 11:10:55effect said:

    she's girlfriend material, totally my type, i do not have a chance with her irl , i wish, not goin to happen, she hates creepes or crepe , well she hates me. she doesnt like my weirdness, well why anyone would like it? welp im goin to build my temple to worship rinneko so there's teh d00r

  9. #924292015-10-03 12:01:51Dark-B said:

    effect is a former stoner from romania who knows how to play chess better than most people on this site cause of his street years in european hoods.

  10. #954352015-12-12 16:04:10 *Enami said:

    @Dark-B is a Saudi Arabian male, also a ranger, he wears glasses, has black hair and brown eyes, he's in high school and he likes singing, he was in a band, he also played piano.

    He loves Kuroko no Basket and Toradora, and is pretty good at writing, he's pretty narcissistic, and also also wears hats a lot.

    B collects coins and plays basketball as a hobby, and his favorite color is pink ^^