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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #954992015-12-13 04:36:28Lieutenant said:

    You can read everything about Enami on her profile at the moment, but here it is in case she updates or deletes it in the future

    Hello, i'm Enami (not my real name obviously :p), a Moroccan 15 years old, a fan of Anime and Manga.. well Japan as a whole x) especially the language which i'm attemting to learn but sadly i'm still just at the level of knowing Kana, aand i'm here to meet people with similar interests and the like, When it comes to music, i don't have a specific favorite genre nor am i a huge fan of a particular artist or band, examples of artists i like(i simply like their music, i don't necessarily know much about them) : One Ok Rock,FOB, Lana Del Ray and Pentatonix...

  2. #955092015-12-13 12:11:34 *Coldu said:

    Lieu is Asian, she's really great. ' - ' She cosplays and she sings and she can also write very well... Like, she's super talented and also super cute. She's prettier than me, in both genders.

  3. #955212015-12-13 15:33:46 *Enami said:

    @Udonge Aka Mr.dong =p is a Malaysian guy and a cat person (has a cat) he's in his twenties and has short black hair, brown eyes .. maybe lol x)

  4. #955812015-12-14 11:05:36udonge said:

    @Kip Almost make my heart stop when she post that irl picture of her with glasses. She definitely look goooooood in it! _(:3

  5. #955952015-12-14 15:16:27Cyth said:

    @udonge was reading chat while driving o.o Still confused if he's a she or she's a he? XD He's great and fun to play with at BGO and CAH :'D

  6. #956212015-12-14 23:12:16udonge said:

    Well, i just leave the phone at the phone holder in my car. Normally i use it for gps though. _(:3c

    Also, I'm pretty sure I'm a dude! I wont lie about that and thanks, its fun playing BGO and CAH with you! :3

  7. #958442015-12-18 15:08:31 *Enami said:

    @Koushiro is...hmmmmm ..a sensitive and kind 17 year old boy who lives in Korea, Kou loves cats and he's pretty good at chess for a newbie ^^