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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #236282012-04-26 00:27:37zatsunen said:

    Is in the 99th percentile. Nothing else really but because I was interested in what people knew about me.. I'm posting here. OTL /is shot

  2. #236292012-04-26 00:37:36omochialien said:

    You have nice headphones? idk lol i barely even know you

    i hope somebody can dish out something other than the fact that I do art

  3. #237072012-04-26 12:59:10Lycan said:

    @Yumitoho is a wonderful girl and even though I THINK she gets fed up with me she doesn't kill me. I think she's a little tsundere, secretly. She's cool. She has sleepovers with her girlfriends where they have pillow fights and jump around in their underwear.

  4. #236562012-04-26 03:54:29 *Mau said:
    Is obsessed with Claire.
    Is obsessed with Sen
    Was obsessed with Ponta.
    Lives in Derby, Kansas.
    Thinks all girls in his area are sluts.
    Likes to hang out by a river.
    Likes tits and breasts, which is probably code for dick.
    Likes to talk about Sen, and is in love with him.
    Claims to be a mutant zombie experiment, but also refers to himself as like a big "Teddy Bear".
    Will not leave Claire alone much to her despair and agony.
    Pretended to be a girl here, the user Dragonaut, and Keri was the object of her "affections"
  5. #236572012-04-26 03:55:05 *Everyone said:


    -Has a voice that does not match the facial features in the pictures that he post up.




    -Drunk as shit on occasion



    -My fuc~/ friend.

    -America's hat...etc.

    -Not Everyone.

  6. #236672012-04-26 04:10:19Mau said:

    InsaneBoredGame, is mayhem incarnate. Got banned from /b/. Resurrected the MuxTai shrine. Is a very good girl.

  7. #236702012-04-26 04:26:57 *Ecstasy said:

    Loki is just a wew really. He went to a date once (?). I saw his eyebrows. Oh, and he is 8.

    Also 12. Yes, his birthday is 12 October (even if it is not, now it is). And he is she.

    @Shirosuke ;____; I would so much hang out with you too ;D

  8. #236712012-04-26 04:29:04JacquesTheZombie said:

    People actually pay attention... I am the sen according to some people on here so how could I love him? I talked to Claire and told her if I get annoying to her for her just to tell me and I'll stop.

  9. #236782012-04-26 05:25:38momo said:
    • Japanese
    • translator for my little outfit
    • man of many loves
    • K-ON loving trash
    • has a name that is fun to say
    • used to be a teacher
    • loves himself a little too much but not nearly as much as he deserves
    • has a huge cock
    • died once
    • goes to the moon twice a year
    • has terrible taste in anime
    • is male and female

    That's about it.

  10. #236872012-04-26 08:10:02Kuroba_Loki said:

    ^ Admin (one of the three) Runs a radioshow Is a boi and a loli likes discussions and debates as long as they don't become shitstorms

    etc etc etc :3