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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #592192013-06-14 23:48:45 *Cenica said:

    Is from the UK. Likes Penguin Drum. Has an awesome dog. Has an older sister. Is dating a vegan. His dad is pretty awesome. Wants to be a doctor despite being squeamish. Roleplays with kingcoal, squareof3, and wolfy.

  2. #592212013-06-14 23:57:31 *Cenica said:

    I didn't say "very". Haha. And anyone can man up when required. But I don't think I'd enjoy it as a job.

  3. #592382013-06-15 03:45:38 *Cenica said:

    Eh? What? I just changed this today...

    Has fab long hair and (at one time at least) a beard. Likes playing games with friends. Is actually very nice if you don't get on his bad side. Enjoys eating ramen noodles but doesn't buy them too often. Likes reading warhammer books. Is a savvy shopper and knows how to save on what he wants.

    Also I guess he likes Luka.

  4. #592782013-06-15 15:45:33Namida said:

    hmm... would love to help but i feel like it has to be all Cenica otherwise it will lose its magic (?) Anyways, no pressure, you can change it whenever you feel like it~

  5. #592802013-06-15 15:51:48Cenica said:

    Haha. Okay. I was just asking if you knew any bands that were pretty cool but not that well know. I'll probably try to change it today. :D

  6. #592452013-06-15 04:01:28Cenica said:

    "I'm not a girl.

    I born on a cold winter in 1989. I'm an audio engineer student at the University. I play the bass-guitar.

    The things i love...

    Books, music, rain, dogs, video-games, writing. And to rub the back of my fingernails against my lips."

    And that's about it.