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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #763522014-05-21 15:44:09 *Lieutenant said:

    Reads a lot of books and likes cuddling. Gender-confused and intelligent as fuck (looks like that to me), could put up a good debate.

  2. #763562014-05-21 16:52:37Taro_Tanako said:

    Is of Russian origin(?) but gender unknown to me but I suspect female. Uses an Asus laptop. Is an alarmingly competent artist. Appears to be a solid old school CL member who is well liked and respected. Liked RWBY.

  3. #763612014-05-21 17:28:02DarkChaplain said:

    Is a brit, spearheads the kiddie group, hopefully working on his Crime story for the project, likes drowning, has an irrational hate for dolphins

  4. #763672014-05-21 18:19:03 *Rebel said:

    Reads a lot, spends most of his time at home, Complains about things most people don't know about ...alot. Is a admin, works...I don't know.. is close to kirn and warlock, and is even closer with @Cenica... Can't Tolerate me. Likes steam but complains about it... favorite anime is probably JoJo but has weird obsessions with a pink anime, Played almost all the same FF games as me... stuck up, if you're not into what he likes, then you're an idiot

  5. #763682014-05-21 18:23:48 *Cenica said:

    Rebel speaks French but is not from France. Male. Has an older brother, with a gf, who he happens to live with. Likes music. Has an attack cat who likes his bed.

  6. #763702014-05-21 18:31:16CQKumber said:

    Cenica is average height (not short), but drives a truck that's probably too big for her. She grows tomatoes and watermelons in her room, and likes to dress up her dog. She also works at Subway, which is why I get hungry every time she mentions work.

  7. #763882014-05-22 00:08:29Rebel said:

    An assona that is never on chat, also lives in japan and kinda cool to talk too, very short, I don't know what type of music she listens... but guess she dances to her own beat... ;) , she thinks she is awesome, but the fact is... she might be >->

  8. #764032014-05-22 05:21:17Frey said:

    A rebel who rebelled by being nude(having no avatar or using the default avatar).Didn't understand my words in the two truths and a lie game but still got the right answer. A bit rude sometimes, very stubborn at times, but he can flexible if he wants to.

  9. #764112014-05-22 06:33:47Frey said:

    Not really an oldfag, I just returned last month. So probably that's why you didn't notice me as much.

  10. #764162014-05-22 07:34:49 *Dark-B said:

    Damn, edit for @Chou.

    All I know about: Apparently Scandinavian, my best bet is she's Swedish, she was away from CL to fight off aliens in a spaceship, going to be graduating from college soon, draws, and likes red heads apparently.

    that's what I got from her posts at the least.