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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #824822014-09-16 18:33:45 *Lieutenant said:

    Rinn is the closest one to me on this site, as in a neighbour country south of me and one day we'll go to Legoland together! Most importantly, she's lovely and innocent. Obviously following the comic of Fisheye Placebo (her grav is from there fyi), she's also one of the most sensible person on CL.

  2. #825032014-09-16 20:53:26SlantDuffy said:

    Farris is a 17 year old male. Eats lots of rice. Not too fond of sweets. Drives a maroon toyota camry but prefers to ride his metallic orange street bicycle whenever he can. Likes coffee with artificial sweeteners and cream. Dresses fashionably. Likes wearing low collared shirts with fitted jeans with moccasins. Has 20/15 vision. Doesn't play sports but exercises occasionally. Can't eat spicy food, like, at all. Ever. Shoe size is 9. Eats meat medium rare. An aspiring artist. Hates cigarettes. Dislikes guns. Enjoys reading.

  3. #825082014-09-16 21:43:06 *Farris said:

    18, just decent amounts of rice. I love sweets. I don't have a driver's license and I ride a mama bike. I prefer tea. I wear sweatpants and t-shirts in almost every situation. I do not play sports! (whoah how did you know???), I rather have periods where I exercise. I think my taste for spicy food is about regular. I like meat well done. An aspiring artist? kewl. I don't have any opinion on cigarettes. Some guns are cool. I seldom read, but I do enjoy it.

    Are you stalking me? I'm amazed you knew so much about me! ^_^

    EDIT 09.12.2017: o__o

  4. #825052014-09-16 21:28:20Taro_Tanako said:

    American. Likes his guns. Partial to a tot of alcohol. Dislikes blondes. Enjoys that time of the day before dusk when the red-gold sunlight shines dappled through the tree-line. Scared of extreme heights. Has the heart of a poet.

  5. #825502014-09-17 12:11:47Lieutenant said:

    A dolphin uk boy who enjoys shoujo stuffs, namely kyoani. Sometimes tend to be a bit playful and likes to tease people. People loce him, also my comrade.

  6. #825692014-09-17 15:50:23 *Rinneko said:

    Disappeared on vacation for a month or so, then popped back partial towards the song Arabella by Arctic Monkeys.

    "The horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes"

  7. #825722014-09-17 16:38:32Kuroba_Loki said:

    one of the admins of cl, in a relationship with cenica responsible for most game threads, as well as threads in other topics here

    cancer of cl


  8. #826342014-09-18 16:00:31Lieutenant said:

    bot, no gender, my neighbour country too, chains, team ritsu, and wew. i think he also has a little half sister if my brain serves me well..

  9. #826922014-09-20 01:36:11Slyter said:

    Lt appear to be hard on the outside (and I suspect squishy on the inside like the rest of us) and doesn't seem to fall into our silliness whenwver it ensues. From what I take Lt is also from my own neighbourhood of countries.

  10. #827012014-09-20 02:36:48Rinneko said:

    Slyter has a fairly interesting profile that made me laugh quite a bit. More or less active on chat as well, & has a bright chat bubble colour.

  11. #827512014-09-21 17:58:15Taro_Tanako said:

    Has amazing art and singing skills. Is questionably not a real "Mr" or "Train". Likes cats and the smell of lavender, but maybe not combined. Is steam-powered and not diesel-powered.