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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #837912014-10-21 16:35:50Taro_Tanako said:

    An Antipodean oldfag (the accepted colloquialism right?). Rides a motorbike. Bit of a gamer. Has a chill and understated sense of humour. Would like a lightsaber as their next birthday present. Sorry @Slyter I probably haven't done you justice.

  2. #837962014-10-21 20:29:08Rebel said:

    @Taro_Tanako British... When online with @evii_chii the chat room is never boring, his cl nick name is cherryboy... Age Unknown, 5'4(?)... Forgot.. Reads books... Just noticed he's a mod... Sure doesn't act like one (i mean this in a positive way) rebel the rating : dances to the... Ughh can't come up with a proper rating...

  3. #837982014-10-21 21:19:38 *Mau said:
    Is French, Is Black, Wants to die a hero, Draws a lot, talks like "......this....a lot".
    Get's irritated a lot, thinks I'm corrupt and mean.
    Is Reba McEntire's black french alter ego.
    Has a Mugen gravatar.
  4. #838002014-10-21 22:37:39MrTrain said:

    league of legends playing psychology student who met some cute boy at a star bucks last week. Usually either adorable or cranky due to reasons. Likes jojo's bizarre adventure. Listens to indie rap music

  5. #838032014-10-22 00:04:13Lieutenant said:

    Shorter 2cm than me, seems to have a lot of worries troubles her and sometimes comes out with pickup lines, also killed Wolfy once upon a time. Triplets with Ucui and PureBoredom which blends together pretty well and fuck up with people's eyes.

  6. #838072014-10-22 06:53:00 *Rinneko said:

    Is not that new anymore, but I haven't seen him on chat in a while.

    Edit: I haven't seen her on chat in a while. Sorry about that. This shows I need to talk to @InsaneBoredGame more... :")

  7. #838912014-10-24 02:26:07InsaneBoredGame said:

    Has delivered terrifying news. Also probably has bookmarked hundreds of Final Fantasy music things and owns a library's worth of Warhammer books.

  8. #838962014-10-24 03:35:32 *TalTal said:

    is not actually a Good Girl, but instead is passive aggressive. Has a brother who owns the 3ds while she owns the Vita. Wrote a paper on how terrible Tony Stark is. Is a hufflepuff and plays a pally in WoW. Once sent me all the lyrics to Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, but did it on anon as if I wouldn't know it was her. CAN"T HANDLE SCARY STUFF, it took her like a whole year to get through Uzumaki.
    Interests include: crazy fruit shows, comic books but especially X-Men, Card game animes, spending too much money on CFV merch.

  9. #838972014-10-24 03:44:38 *InsaneBoredGame said:

    is not actually a Good Girl, but instead is passive aggressive

    Spread your lies won't you, Tally? Anywho:

    • College Freshman
    • Is definitely not a Good Girl
    • Is unable to appreciate the gift that is the Operation Overdrive theme song
    • Handles horror well. Too well. Must be investigated.
    • Owns a 3DS
    • Was interested in playing Madolches but that went nowhere
    • Somehow shares the same garbage yugioh ships as me
    • Somehow up to date with said crazy fruit show
    • Is a Slytherin and plays Death Knights in WoW.

    EDIT: Has screencapped everything. EVERYTHING.

  10. #913142015-08-20 04:38:08Lieutenant said:

    This thread could use a bump

    Haven't seen this user in a while, once participated in the AMV contest and I assume is one of those people who (still) follows the debate of the GamerGate. So yes this person is more of a gamer than I am and I'm still liking the spiderman avatar this user has been using for so long, rather.

  11. #913452015-08-20 12:52:30 *Farris said:

    @Rinneko was born a virgin birth. It was known already at the age of 5, that her pureness and innocence was above that of any other human being. In some cultures (like cl,) she's the god of innocence.

    Some people are jealous of her traits and talents, these are the individuals who spread lies about Rinneko being corrupted.