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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #1087132017-01-08 22:46:09Enami said:

    Uh checks profile Apparently a 24 year old dude from Sweden who likes girls. Also, a ranger. (Whom I mistook for a serious nice guy at first).

  2. #1092512017-02-23 11:21:40ccc said:

    @Zyxx23 is great strategist x4 Don't believe me ? Go Go look at the profile it says it right there Off to the left underneath the Rabu badge You see it ????

  3. #1092552017-02-23 15:51:38Lieutenant said:

    I'm putting this under subpost because I don't want people to comment about me and also I want to comment about ccc at the same time so don't mind me here.