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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #1087132017-01-08 22:46:09Enami said:

    Uh checks profile Apparently a 24 year old dude from Sweden who likes girls. Also, a ranger. (Whom I mistook for a serious nice guy at first).

  2. #1092512017-02-23 11:21:40ccc said:

    @Zyxx23 is great strategist x4 Don't believe me ? Go Go look at the profile it says it right there Off to the left underneath the Rabu badge You see it ????

  3. #1092552017-02-23 15:51:38Lieutenant said:

    I'm putting this under subpost because I don't want people to comment about me and also I want to comment about ccc at the same time so don't mind me here.

  4. #1147322018-09-25 11:45:25Coldu said:

    @Kuroba_Loki plays a lot of games! Like, the ones in android Play Store where you spend a lot of energy and get random stuff all the time. And they're always trying to get something with a lot of stars!

    ALSO LOL this thread is so dead but here I am, totally reviving it. Deffs using those Phoenix Downs. Casting some revival spells, all that.

  5. #1147342018-09-25 13:03:37shafnat said:

    coldu stalked my art acc on instagram hello there sorry not following back with the art acc i have followed u with my personal acc tho

  6. #1147392018-09-25 16:21:45S9 said:

    once i asked shafnat to draw me like whatever he feels like so i had no idea what its going to be. so he sent me two paintings and both were me being depressed (but still cool). it was absolutely accurate picture of me at that point of my life that he managed to capture without even knowing it. true story and true artist.

  7. #1147442018-09-25 17:42:20shafnat said:

    @S9 I DIDNT MEAN TO MAKE YOU LOOK DEPRESSED SINE I JUST LIKE SOME KIND OF DEEP EXPRESSION LIKE THAT you could actually see my other drawings, never happy D:

  8. #1147602018-09-27 12:55:21c1arcy said:

    likes moe, p sure he'd marry one of this figurines if society didnt judge and allowed. best nerd i know thats in the know about warhammer