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  1. The Polar Express Appreciation Thread

    #23682011-12-30 06:23:56eterno said:

    This is definitely my favorite holiday movie. I've never been a Christian, but I still enjoy this movie every holiday season because it always gives me this warm, tingly feeling everytime I watch it.

    It's a shame that it was done with mo-cap when it was still in its infancy though. Because of this, the movie looks creepy as hell and kinda ruins the experience a little (or a lot, it depends).But, once you get over it, you'll have the best holiday film EVER!

    Lastly, I just wanna say, we should get them to remake this film! I don't know how to convince them fat cats though. Would a petition work?

  2. #24202011-12-30 12:40:34Maryam said:

    Ah. Yes. I agree wholeheartedly. Spectacular film. You seem to have some problems with art though. It looks fine to me. Wonderful storyline at that.

  3. #29442012-01-01 03:22:23eterno said:

    I'm not saying the art sucks. I'm just saying the rendering sucks. What they need to do is to re-render the whole thing. Compare Toy Story 1 & 3's renderings.

  4. #30792012-01-01 18:39:01kodochastar said:

    Ahh I love watch Polar Express with a nice cup of hot coco. :D Though I don't really want them to remake it because I find it perfect as it is.

  5. #31092012-01-01 21:05:25Momimochi said:

    If this movie doesn't already have a 1080P, I want them to make a 1080P. (I mean, c'mon, they made a freaking 720P for It's a Wonderful Life... And that thing's B&W)