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  1. Philosophy!!!

    #248522012-05-05 06:06:37 *roseorihara said:

    I need to know just what other views people have on life and ideas.Currently, Ive been pondering on how many other people have simular philosophies.My question for you is "Does the human mind create a false reality?"

  2. #248582012-05-05 08:55:12Trev said:

    I am still kicking around the idea of contiguous consciousness between spatially separate forms. But that's really neither here nor there currently

  3. #248622012-05-05 11:52:27TokoyamiSenshi said:

    I'm not keen on discussing things we can't check, but I'm more of a 'universe in a vat' kind of person.

    I don't think our minds are all that special as in individual. Perhaps individuality is the only false thing in our reality, and if it is so, our reality could still be a product of the mind, but it would not be our mind alone. That said, there are still many stairs to climb before we can be smart about that.