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/c/ute thread

  1. #680772014-01-07 16:07:28abinit123 said:

    ok so i thought i would do a studio ghibli post in the cute thread since everything to do with it is so cute :3 so here are a couple of the great pairs from the films XD

    spirited away

    howls moving castle

    princess mononoke (not the cutest picture but i love it :3)

    from up on poppy hill

    kikis delivery service


    laputa castle in the sky

    whisper of the heart

  2. #698132014-02-07 14:57:46Rinneko said:

    Oh! I didn't realise there were still a number of Studio Ghibli releases that I hadn't watched. :O I'm going to catch From Up on Poppy Hill, Whisper of the Heart and Princess Mononoke then.

    Yes, I concur that Arietty was lovely. <3