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  1. Crappy Drawings!

    #252142012-05-09 08:22:41 *Josh_The_Mech said:

    Show me your Crappy art work, or just show me whatever art you drew.feel free to judge every piece of art you see here.

    JoJoBird and i made this in tiny chat white board.

    i drew this on the program Gimp

    i might add more later.

  2. #252662012-05-09 17:00:10eterno said:

    This is a drawing of my HS friend. Second Amine style drawing I've ever done

    I don't know why there are two signatures there. I believe it was some sort of a 'collaboration' between me and my classmate/distant cousin.

  3. #253032012-05-09 21:54:34judar said:

    @Ipotane why is this in the 'crappy drawings thread' YOU NEED YOUR OWN THREAD OF KERR-WAII-EE FOR THESE MASTERPIECES.

    I'm not even joking. Please do as I have asked. You should do commissions.