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I'll draw you stuff

  1. #1064182016-08-24 15:20:48armedzerox said:

    can you redraw my profile picture according to your imagination? excited on how this will come out. Don't worry anything is fine :)

  2. #1064322016-08-25 04:15:14 *Mairu said:

    oh, damn. I didn't expect this to come back. My boyfriend literally spilled water on my tablet today, so take these hand-drawn ones for now. I will do a serious one for masc later.

    @masculyn We had our date already. Didn't you see me?






  3. #1102862017-04-30 03:17:02Kinnear said:

    Could draw me, if you get a chance. The picture in my profile is 100% accurate. ;)

    P.S: Apparently you created this thread on my 21st birthday. xD