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  1. #256812012-05-13 14:44:37 *Flywalker37 said:

    Drp. My kyboard dos that too, s?

    Anywho, idk, the level of awesome in DRRR can be compared to none.

    I'd recommend Bakuman, it's quite good.

  2. #256862012-05-13 15:37:10quipna said:

    @fane, you know that @PigBoss is right. Threads need tags to be more easily seached! You can add some in by clicking "edit" at the bottom of your first post, then filling in the box that says "tags".

    I suggest "anime, durarara, help" to get you started

  3. #256972012-05-13 15:59:44break said:

    Shiki may only have three main characters, btu they have strongly opposing views and goals and it does switch between their POV's and it is good. and also kinda slow at the beginning, lol. @kuru Ano hana was focusing on every maincharacters problems, but jinta was pretty much the protagonist all the time.

  4. #257062012-05-13 16:18:56hais said:

    @senkono according to mal's recommendation section, fiore777 says:

    At first there wouldn't seem like there's much in common between these two. But at the core they are about a supernatural girl looking to remember or find out why she exists. That and interesting cast of characters around what is going on makes me feel like these two could be enjoyed side by side.