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  1. anime anime anime

    #257212012-05-13 17:38:25 *ccc said:

    ok well its always so hard for me to find good anime,so if ya can ,can ya please tell me anime that would be like, durarara,darker than black,and nabari no ou

    thank you

  2. #259252012-05-15 10:22:20meddie said:

    OP please , u seem to be quite a nice guy ,so i'll spare u. disregard everything that other people said , u MUST WATCH boku no pico!!! it's like the best anime of all times ; the plot , the fight lol scene , the setting . it's really awesome mang u really should watch it

  3. #297642012-06-15 11:26:19Xyopq said:
    Gurren Lagaan
    Cowboy Bebop
    Ghost in the Shell
    Samurai Champloo
    Batman of the Future (*shrugs*)
    Boku no Pico
    Spoiler (Show)
    good job I read wikipedia before downloading

    Also, Markdown spoiler tags aren't working for me. Has the format changed again? !!![Like this?]
  4. #298562012-06-16 03:56:40cloluna said:

    @ccc try eden of the east. its pretty much about this guy who wakes up naked with amnesia but he's one of eight people who are given 10 million yen and must use their money anyway they can to save society. but if u use it for ur selfish needs or if u go to long without doing anything then you'll be killed. mmmm theres more story to it but im not exactly the worlds best summerizer. just watch it!