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  1. My story characters

    #259832012-05-15 16:10:45Naruko said:

    okay guys im trying to right a story but icant think of any names can yall give me some guys and girls names. Pwease... O~O

  2. #260202012-05-15 21:53:37TokoyamiSenshi said:

    You should really name your male protagonist René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke.

    Then your story's title can be "The adventures of René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke".

  3. #260222012-05-15 22:55:42InsaneBoredGame said:

    @Naruko Umm, can you write? Judging by the quality of your previous post, I doubt that you can.

    After all, you need to know how to write before going all "HURR DURR, MAH CHARAS ARE SPECIAL SO THEY SHOULD HAVE SPECIAL NAMES".

    Just saying~

  4. #270802012-05-25 07:35:30JoJoBird said:

    Jock Jorgen John J Rambo JoJo the Time Detective ( I like this one) Wilt ChamberJo Mighty Jo Young AnJOlina JOlie Jomanda Bynes John Johnson