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  1. Youtube Autoembed: DEPLOY!

    #26032011-12-31 02:53:29 *Trev said:

    Hey guys.

    Youtube links autoembed now.

    Feel free to test that in this thread!

  2. #29952012-01-01 07:48:52Trev said:

    @Fieyr: I can account for that with a small change to the regex.

    Why is the octothorpe in the URL at all, though? Seems strange.

  3. #36382012-01-03 06:45:33Settsuo-kun said:

    @Fieyr I'm glad you do :D

    A lot of people have given Sophia slack on her vocals since she became the lead singer. I think it made me like them even more, while I miss Sadew and Violator, Sophia is like a goddess man!

    Autoembed powers gooooo~

  4. #37572012-01-03 13:54:56hais said:

    can you still link/embed youtube links in text or not? like [url=blahblah]video[/url]? or am i really dumb and don't know how to do it properly