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Top 10 animes

  1. #547062013-05-02 20:29:23 *Taro_Tanako said:
    I can't choose what order I like these so it's just ten i love..

    Code Geass
    FMA Brotherhood
    Sword Art Online
    Soul Eater
    Eden Of The East
  2. #547442013-05-03 09:46:03 *Ecstasy said:

    @Taro_Tanako had to edit your post since those bbcode [ili] stuff, or whatever it was, ruined the page a bit somehow. and well, they didn't change the way your post looks anyways.

  3. #547292013-05-03 04:45:08123-456-7890 said:

    My favorite is FMAB, but after that there isnt a specific order: Death Note, Code Geass, Baccano Steins;Gate, Ano Hana, Ano Natsu, Angel Beats, Sakamichi no Apollon, Chihahafuru...............I MUST GO BEYOND TEN! : Durarara, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Eden of the East, Kokoro Connect, Clannad.

  4. #547452013-05-03 09:55:08 *Mau said:
    Hard to come up with 10, getting to 5 was pushing it, but;

    1.) Escaflowne
    2.) Cowboy Bebop
    3.) Tiger and Bunny
    4.) Sailor Moon
    5.) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    6.) Eden of the East
    7.) Mawaru Penguindrum
    8.) Steins;Gate
    9.) Revolutionary Girl Utena
    10.) Yu Yu Hakusho
  5. #547912013-05-04 02:03:59 *mel_orihara said:

    1) Durarara
    2) Black Butler
    3) Inu x Boku SS
    4) Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
    5) Soul Eater
    6) Ouran High School Host Club
    7) D. Gray-Man
    8) Pandora Hearts
    9) Junjou Romantica
    10) Kuroko no Basuke

  6. #549582013-05-06 05:28:41Prime said:
    1. Planetes
    2. Ghost in the Shell
    3. Cowboy BeBop
    4. Samurai Champloo
    5. Darker than Black

    I'm sure I have more than 5, but I cant think of them right now.

  7. #550592013-05-07 05:31:11VivoDePyre said:

    Oh boy, haven't done one of these in awhile. Ranking these will be hard.

    1. Gunbuster
    2. Psycho pass
    3. Toradora
    4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    5. Revolutionary Girl Utena

    The rest are unordered, can't pick on over the other

    • Perfect Blue
    • Time of Eve
    • Tiger and Bunny
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (new series)
  8. #550702013-05-07 11:13:06Madam_Red_ said:
    1. Naruto Shippuden
    2. Bleach
    3. Kuroshitsuji
    4. Samurai Champloo
    5. Fate/Stay night
    6. Durarara
    7. Inuyasha
    8. Soul Eater
    9. OHSHC 10.Maid Sama ~~~;D~~~
  9. #571182013-06-04 01:24:41Evangelina said:

    There are just too many to list and there are so many more than I can name that I LOVE, but here goes (I'll probably forget the ones I really like lol) 1.) Clannad 2.) Psycho-Pass 3.) Durarara 4.) The whole Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha series 5.) Blood + 6.) Darker Than Black (still watching) 7.) Attack on Titan (on-going) 8.) Bleach 9.) Hakuoki Shinsengumi 10.) Angel Beats

    If someone posts a thread asking for top fifty, I could keep on going.. (:

  10. #571762013-06-04 03:34:14Checkers said:
    1. Ouran High School Host Club
    2. Durarara!!
    3. Death Note
    4. Gurren Lagann
    5. .hack//SIGN
    6. FLCL
    7. Dragon Ball Z Kai
    8. Fullmetal Alchemist
    9. Casshern Sins
    10. Cowboy Bebop

    Or something like that. Last 5 I could probably swap out with some I forgot or change around.

    Very surprised to see so many Ouran lovers here.

  11. #571822013-06-04 03:57:32Alicia_Usagi said:
    1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    2. Fairy Tail
    3. One Piece
    4. Kuroshitsuji
    5. Sword Art Online
    6. Shingeki no Kyojin
    7. Date A Live!
    8. Devil Survivor 2: The Animation
    9. Ano Hana
    10. Durarara!

    Well, Katekyoushi is my fave one :DD

  12. #572622013-06-04 11:15:25Jasphers said:
    1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    2. Project K
    3. Cowboy Bebop
    4. Evengelion
    5. Lupin The 3rd
    6. Angle Beats
    7. Karneval
    8. Samurai Champloo(sp?)
    9. FLCL
    10. Paranoia Agent

    The first 5 are pretty solid, the rest anr't really from greatest to least.

  13. #572782013-06-04 12:42:06xxxINESxxx said:

    These are my current favorites i changes every now and then 1.Fairy Tail 2.Durarara 3.Bleach 4.One Piece 5.Bakuman 6.Vampire Knight 7.Pantora Hearts 8.Ghost Hunt 9.Hunter x Hunter 10.Ao no Excorcist

  14. #575082013-06-04 20:26:01Lillith said:

    My favourites are always changing because I'm always finding new animes but at the moment I have to say: 1 Code Geass 2 Pandora Hearts 3 Bleach 4 Tsubasa Chronicles 5 Angel Beats 6 Angelic Layer (Cried so hard in the end...) 7 FMA + FMAB 8 Cardcaptors 9 Blue Exorcist 10 Durarara!!

    Theres many more I love but you asked for 10. Its not really in order.... Code Geass though is for sure #1!