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  1. C-Harmony

    #267462012-05-23 01:07:43 *quipna said:

    http://i.imgur.com/lCyMF.png Image by @Jacek

    Lookin' for love? Let Papa Quipna help you! Fill out this form with your information and find other CL users like you!

    * **Name**:
    * **Age**:
    * **Gender**:
    * **Location**:
    * **Orientation**:
    * **Interests**:
    * **Looking for**:

    If someone were to fill this out, they'd type this into their reply box:

    * **Name**: Jovan Hanes
    * **Age**: 17
    * **Gender**: Male
    * **Location**: Dodge, Kansas, USA
    * **Orientation**: Bisexual
    * **Interests**: Anime, Manga, Generic Stuff
    * **Looking for**: Friendship and love and happiness

    Which would look like this:

    • Name: Jovan Hanes
    • Age: 17
    • Gender: Male
    • Location: Dodge, Kansas, USA
    • Orientation: Bisexual
    • Interests: Anime, Manga, Generic Stuff
    • Looking for: Friendship and love and happiness

    As a disclaimer, I am not liable for anything bad that may happen to you from meeting strangers you met online. Be careful about who you speak with and who you give your info out to.

    This is a thread to find friendships and possibly something more, nothing else.

  2. #267612012-05-23 02:20:27Chestnut_Rice said:

    ... Gonna be such a trollthread, not even funny. But any way, here goes:

    @Momimochi, not a word out of you.

    • Pseudonym: Holland Chi
    • Age: 17
    • Gender: Male
    • Location: Vancouver, Canada
    • Orientation: Heterosexual
    • Interests: Reading, Chinese Cartoons, Writing, Traditional Games, Making Music, Arcade Gaming.
    • Looking for: People to play Magic: The Gathering with. ; _ ;
  3. #267642012-05-23 02:39:18 *loploplopl said:
    • Name: Seth Jones (Jonesy)
    • Age: 15
    • Gender: Male
    • Location: Maine
    • Orientation: heterosexual
    • Interests: video games, biking, sitting, sleeping
    • Looking for: someone who shares my interests
  4. #267662012-05-23 02:50:16someone said:

    Name: Someone Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Toronto Orientation: derp Interests: Computers Looking for: YOUR SOUL

  5. #267682012-05-23 03:03:20Momimochi said:

    @Chestnut_Rice Why, I didn't even notice this thread until now. And btw, irl lol'd.

    Name: Momi Age: 16 Gender: Contrary to some people's belief, squirrel. Location: Somewhere in the Greater Vancouver. Orientation: That... Has yet to be determined. Interest: For you to find out. Looking for: A Bitch.

  6. #267702012-05-23 03:09:33Decae said:
    • Name: Kenny/Kate/Kairen/insert-name-that-starts-with-"k"-sound-and-chances-are-it's-one-of-my-nicknames
    • Age: 16
    • Gender: Zero.
    • Location: Amerrrca
    • Orientation: I like men.
    • Interests: Languages, art, film, parkour, video games, fun, adventure, living spontaneously. (and other things)
    • Looking for: Nerdy friendships.
  7. #267712012-05-23 03:15:11Settsuo-kun said:
    • Name: Settsuo
    • Age: 19
    • Gender: Male
    • Location: Saint Louis, MO
    • Orientation: Straight
    • Interests: Gaming, Graphic Design, Reading, Watching T.V., and a certain ripe yellow godlike fruit,
    • Looking for: No clue...
  8. #267912012-05-23 04:26:23Yotsuba said:
    • Name: Yotsubama "The President"
    • Age: 21
    • Gender: Presidential.
    • Location: New York City.
    • Orientation: Straight, specifically First womanly females.
    • Interests: KFC, Watermelon, Koolaid And purple drank.
    • Looking for: blackpeoplemeet.com
  9. #267942012-05-23 04:43:522-guard said:
    • Name: 2-Guard
    • Age: 20 soon to be 21
    • Gender: male
    • Location: Kenosha Wisconsin, USA
    • Orientation: Straight
    • Interests: anime-manga, cooking, sewing, the supernatural
    • Looking for: friends, love, A girl whose not afraid to try something new
  10. #267972012-05-23 05:00:13Spades said:
    • Name: Spades, Captain Marvelous, Ucui, Chris..etc
    • Age: HAH Who ages?
    • Gender: Marvelous
    • Location: Everywhere marvelous. At the same time of course.
    • Orientation: Marvelous impassive.
    • Interests: Marvelously interesting things.
    • Looking for: Marvelous things.
  11. #267992012-05-23 05:13:10 *Warlock said:

    Name: Warlock Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: US Orientation: Straight like this _________ Interests: Anime, Manga, Light novels, Games, Friends, and just bein' FABULOUS! Zodiac Sign: Leo Looking for: Someone FABULOUS!

  12. #268022012-05-23 05:24:39 *Inasda said:
    • Name: Julian de las Alas
    • Age: $17
    • Gender: Mail
    • Location: Munford Tennessee, USA
    • Orientation: buy sexual
    • Interests: video games, movies, anime, romance light novels, manga, and big oceans
    • Looking for: Girlfriend, friend, real life person, someone who I can just talk to and get to know
  13. #268052012-05-23 05:52:57Rommel175 said:
    • Name: Rommel175
    • Age: 21
    • Gender: Male
    • Location: Milwuakee
    • Orientation: straight
    • Interests: stoof
    • Looking for: willing to talk IRL, but somewhere public, but seriously skype talk would be enough.
  14. #268122012-05-23 06:49:35 *NGH said:

    Name: Ricardo Munoz

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Location: New York

    Orientation: Mexico

    Interests: I was celibate for almost 10 years after giving up on relationship and family. I joined a spiritual community and was determined to make a contribution on a bigger level. After 5 years of devotion and service, I felt dried up and almost dead. It seemed such a paradox to have such ecstasy in communion and spiritual development and yet physically feel that my body was withering before my eyes.

    There is a difference between hoping, trying and choosing. When I was on other sites, I was honestly checking things out, telling the Universe I was open… yet when I decided to go on your site, I had CHOSEN to find my beloved.

    I took a bold step and chose to find my own liberation and ultimately was led to tantra. It was through a tantra practice that I met a woman (at a tantra workshop), who met a man on your web site. I wrote the link on a small piece of paper that I carried with me from june 2010 until that fateful day in feb 2011 that I wrote my profile. With the help of your support staff, I was able to say "YES" this is what I want to project and call into my life.

    Many thanks for your wonderful site enabling Spiritual people to come into contact with other Spiritual people. I have made some wonderful friends from using your site. For me, I choose to explore these relationship with total focus, surrender and openness to the fullest they can be. I’m ready to give all and receive all. How could it get even more delicious?

    Looking for: The Deceleration of Independence

  15. #268252012-05-23 08:52:13hitsuki said:
    • Name: Hitsuki
    • Age: 20
    • Gender: female
    • Location: ikemen sekai
    • Orientation: fujoshi xD
    • Interests: yaoi
    • Looking for: I'm looking for my hottest seme.
  16. #268302012-05-23 09:43:09 *archangel said:
    • Name: Nicko "neko" Estrellado
    • Age: 16
    • Gender: male (surprisingly)
    • Location: wonderland
    • Orientation: hetrosexual
    • Interests: comics, games, anime, rock music, j-rock music
    • Looking for: ice cream OuO
  17. #268312012-05-23 10:13:09Arachne said:

    Name: Lisa Ann Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: North Pole Orientation: Asexual Interests: Gardening Looking for: Rich people

  18. #269332012-05-24 06:26:25Headphone said:

    Name: Headphone Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: California Orientation: Straight Interests: I like trains. Looking for: My missing cat.