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  1. last of 2011 (last messages before the new days)(possible pointlessness)

    #26922011-12-31 07:59:21Inasda said:

    To all of "CL", And to all of the world, With all of the time, what did we all accomplish

    All i know is that this thread will be locked 5 minites into 2012.

    But to all of my good friends, @shafnat,@invisiblerainbow, @Aoi132, and all others, new days are coming. There will be many things I'll miss over the year, my friends and family are so distant, and I'll miss all of the adventures like going to sweden and visiting my past in california. most of this ended with this ended when i took an arrow to the knee.

    there have been bad times too. The day of disaster of japan was my sadist gift i have ever gotten.

    The point is, is that, this year has been great

    and there might not be a next year...

    post your message for this last "22 hours" for the next gen still to come

  2. #27422011-12-31 10:55:37InvisibleRainbow said:

    -takes arrow out of knee- better? :P lol Well.. Things ill miss this year are: - Otakon 2011 - Prom 2010-2011 - Panic at the Disco Concert <3 - People who were alive this year that aren't alive now.. - This summer was the last summer i was able to bum around with anime/manga - Being 17 - Being able to get away with not doing work :P Things i wont miss from this year are: - My school, people in it, and work - All the bullshit hype about the weather; hurricane that didn't even reach a level 1, baby fuckin earthquakes, and etc. - Being 17 - People ive met this year - The attack that Louis just inflicted upon me - @Inasda, @Cloud, @Lhyunsu, and @OverSol because we will be friends forever ;D
    - The drama between me and @Mariu_Orihara and others..

    Derp.. Love you! <3 hah

  3. #36412012-01-03 06:55:03 *Mairu said:

    I regret nothing I did and thanks for spelling my username right. If it wasn't for someone telling me I was mentioned here then I would have never known~

  4. #38632012-01-03 19:58:41InvisibleRainbow said:


    oh for gods sake.. stop being pissy when i didn't even do anything to you.. and hey, mistakes happen.. but apparently you think you are beyond human to accept such things as mistakes. I groveled to you at one point just to keep peace but thats ridiculous because I have done nothing wrong, but apaprently you still don't care that you lost a friend. Anyway.. I would like to add that I wont miss @Oversol and my brawl seshes <3

  5. #38942012-01-03 22:01:26 *Mairu said:


    I do not accept people as "friends" if they do things that i find wrong. Yeah, we were cool at one point ,but that is the past and its no use to keep bringing it up. Even if it seems like you haven't learned from your mistakes. And it may seem like I'm "pissy", but this is me saying how it is.

    I would like to add that I wont miss @Oversol and my brawl seshes <3

    You just said earlier that you're friends forever with him.

    @OverSol because we will be friends forever ;D

    Get your emotions in check before posting something.

  6. #42722012-01-04 23:09:36InvisibleRainbow said:

    No? I'm saying I'm not missing them because we still have them to this day... lol you need to learn how to understand proper english grammar and haha oh, my bad for using a proper adjective to describe your response to me


  7. #43022012-01-05 01:35:36Mairu said:


    Actually, you showed no sarcasm or anything related to that before that sentence. How was ANYONE except yourself supposed to know that? Oh,right. They can't unless asking upfront or pointing it out like I did.