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  1. #270482012-05-25 01:51:23 *Noon said:
    Name: Noon

    Weapon: Stapler (But it's out of I don't think the arrow blessed me very well ._.)

    Appearance: (or you can use the depiction my friend made of me

    Personality: Refer to this piece of artwork. Or don't, and take my word for this: I'm random and enjoy my beverages (orange juice mostly.)
  2. #270732012-05-25 06:44:28 *Inasda said:

    Name: chris DLA

    Weapon: aperently a glass ball, pillow, or revolver 22mag Appearence: the guy in the middle

    Personality: I am very reserved. has a extreme capacity for patience when needed. doesn't leave people behind unless they want to be. knows how to use almost any gun. and can hold his shit for up to 3 days

  3. #270842012-05-25 09:31:09 *DSP said:
    Name: The Duck

    Weapon(s): Dual Wielding Frying Pans, and a squirt gun in the shape of a duck. (has flammable liquids in it CUS WATER DOES NOTHING D:) (The Arrow was totally pointing to the kitchen where this stuff exists >,> )


    (Invalid img)


    Enjoys the zombie apocalypse far more than he should also very dramatic and corny. Makes light of every situation and slaps bros accordingly...

    /slaps @keri.

  4. #270862012-05-25 09:50:28hais said:
    Name: haisu
    Weapon: my tennis racket ((oh lord))
    Appearance: 5 ft 6, long black hair, glasses, *~*~kawaii asian~*~*
    Personality: patient but can be worried easily, prefers to stick with her close friends rather than on her own. ((i'd prolly turn into a zombie mid-way rather than first ;; but i'll still be kawaii even if i turn into one!!))
  5. #271702012-05-25 22:04:49neondemon14 said:

    Name: Neon Weapon: Wooden Chair Appearance: 5"9, Short curly black hair, Glasses, Outfit consists of combat boots (i actually wear these >-<) black jeans and a yellow hoody Personality: Violent, Unstable, can be rather strange at times but focuses when in a fight. P.S: Brother of Fungus (ask him), only one who can make him angry usually (we have discussed this)

  6. #276822012-05-29 07:29:01Kuroba_Loki said:

    Name: Loki Kuroba

    Weapon: Apparently...2 loli's in towels(blame the arrow pointing at j-list .___.), and chains

    Appearance: "refer to the avatar"

    Personality: Always has a straight face .___. , and likes to wew

  7. #276832012-05-29 07:36:03 *eterno said:

    Name: eterno A.

    Weapon: A Pager

    Appearance: For lack of better pic

    Personality: How I've been acting all these times.

  8. #276922012-05-29 10:00:48lisa-chan said:

    name: Lisa

    weapon: my backpack containing my shcool laptop, a note book and some gum.

    appearance:long dark blonde hair, blue eyes, kinda tall, always wearing jeans.

    pesonality: friendly against everyone even people I hate also I don't talk unless it's necessary.

  9. #278792012-05-30 22:31:11MrTrain said:

    ^ That's rude.



    Shout out to @neondemon his writing skills are actually okay!

    I and the team (onlymeandnewlyaddedneondemon14) will get working on this soon, if you've heard of the bribes, I will now be open to them, however I suggest not using them 'till you see the situation of your characters. Also same with the coupons, if I've offered you anything.

  10. #297422012-06-15 06:38:34MrTrain said:

    Just some news to everyone that I'll probably update once during the weekend then postpone 'till after school is all over. Also If you wish how me to include you to the "Update Mentions" list just say the word.

    @PigBoss No, absolutely not! That takes all the fun out of me disappointing everyone with my interpretation.

    jk uhh anyone who wants to can fill it, but no assurance I'll use the info given.