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Parent: last of 2011 (last messages before the new days)(possible pointlessness)

  1. #27422011-12-31 10:55:37InvisibleRainbow said:

    -takes arrow out of knee- better? :P lol Well.. Things ill miss this year are: - Otakon 2011 - Prom 2010-2011 - Panic at the Disco Concert <3 - People who were alive this year that aren't alive now.. - This summer was the last summer i was able to bum around with anime/manga - Being 17 - Being able to get away with not doing work :P Things i wont miss from this year are: - My school, people in it, and work - All the bullshit hype about the weather; hurricane that didn't even reach a level 1, baby fuckin earthquakes, and etc. - Being 17 - People ive met this year - The attack that Louis just inflicted upon me - @Inasda, @Cloud, @Lhyunsu, and @OverSol because we will be friends forever ;D
    - The drama between me and @Mariu_Orihara and others..

    Derp.. Love you! <3 hah